Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dress #1 and Mother's Day

I finished the first of (hopefully) three dresses for convention!  Nicey Jane is the line that this fabric is from and it is still a favorite.  I love the blue, green and yellow colorway.  I must say that as of now these are some of my favorite fabrics.  The pattern is once again PortabelloPixie Claire in the round apron dress (without the apron of course)!  I got it all done and then thought it needed a little extra with the flowers, I then remembered that I had made some yellow ones for Mark and Kyla's wedding.  They match perfectly and really dress it up!

Back view.

What a goon!

The problem is my little girl is SO photogenic and adorable that I have too many photos that are cute!

And a late Mother's Day photo.  On Mother's Day I was really sick and Camden was running a fever so there was no photo taking being done!  We got a quick one this morning before meeting!  Love my little family, they make every day perfect!


Lisa said...

Beautiful kids, photos, and sewing; you do great work!

toskaniau said...

Wow super dress.:)