Monday, December 17, 2012

First Loose Tooth

Today we have our FIRST loose tooth!!!  Much to Keaton's utter dismay.... Tiana has a loose tooth!  She was rather concerned about it because it hurts... that is until she heard about the tooth fairy!  Now she is just excited!  We started laughing since Keaton has been irritated for months that he hasn't lost a tooth yet and all his friends have!  Keaton says "Ok STOP laughing, it isn't funny, it is just irritating!"  And what does Keaton say about the Tooth Fairy.... it is "NOT real, I mean if Santa isn't.... then the tooth fairy isn't!"  Good point son, good point!  However I think the disappearance of the tooth and the reappearance of some money, MAY change his mind!   Well, that and make him even more irate that he doesn't have a loose tooth yet!
Guess I better get that tooth fairy pillow made sometime soon!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sewing for my boy!

I did a bit of sewing for my little boy!  He was so excited about his dino shirt... he put it on and came to find me.  He was beside himself. 
Camden: "Mommy you made it wrong!!!"
Me: No I didn't honey, what do you mean?
Camden:  SEE you made it wrong!!! (As he pulls the hood up over his face)
Me: Umm Camden no, you put it on backwards!
Camden: NO you made it wrong. (We turn it around)
Camden: (gasp!)  Look there is is a POCKET!
Keaton and I got a really good laugh out of this.  I just love that he immediately assumed that I made it wrong... it just COULDN'T be that he put it on backwards!

New birdy shirt for the lil miss.

One of Camden's favorites... a paper airplane shirt!  I did discover that while I can make a really cute paper airplane shirt... I can NOT make a real paper airplane!  Camden reminds me of this almost daily!

They told me they were being "super stars"!

 The kids love helping Daddy tie flies!

 My favorite shirt of the bunch!  I discovered that my sewing machine has an overlock stitch, so I had fun adding red details!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend in Salt Lake

We took a weekend away for Daddy's birthday and to keep our minds off the fact that this last weekend would have been our due date.  We had lots of fun at the Childrens museum, Ikea and Special meeting!

Tiana and Camden loved the huge water area.

Keaton's favorite was the grocery store.  He put the food back on the shelves and checked out other kids!

Tiana and Camden thought the news room was funny!
Pretending to be cold!

 Our hotel was awesome!  They have a fun pool with water slides and huge rooms! Since I couldn't swim with my ankle I got to take photos!

Happy Birthday to Daddy!
 Saturday evening we went over to the "R" family's house.  The kids hit it off in no time and had a wonderful time playing while us parents could chat.

Goofy faces!

Adding baby D to the group.
 It snowed most of the day Saturday it didn't make the roads bad but it made everything pretty!
All ready for Special Meeting on Sunday!

Mommy with my walking boot and adorable kiddos!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Tiana had a Thanksgiving program in Pre-K! So cute!

My adorable little Indian!

It was soooo cute, Tiana was sharing all her treats with Camden!
 On Tuesday evening we went over to my Aunt and Uncles house to see them and T&H who were visiting from California.
The kids spent the better part of the evening bear hunting!  Aunt Bonnie found each of the kids a flashlight!

Adorable little L "reading" to her animals!

All the kids!  We loved spending an evening with them!
Thanksgiving Day was spent in Weiser with Grandma and Grandpa!

Lots of helpers doing the dishes.

Love these girls!

  When we left Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gary's house our weekend got interesting. We were walking out and I was holding Camden.  I thought there was one big step off the deck.... there were two!  I fell forward and I suppose fell successfully since Camden didn't have a single scratch!  Now me on the other hand, I hurt my ankle BAD!  Couldn't put any weight on it.  I went to the ER and it wasn't broken just a really bad sprain. I spent a week on crutches and I still could hardly put any weight on it.  I went to an Orthopedic doctor and I am in a walking boot for 2 weeks, then an air cast, then physical therapy and hopefully no surgery! I have really messed up all my ligaments on both sides and upper ankle.
The kids had to each take turns on my crutches!

 This is what our every evening looks like!  Football game!

Mommy and Camden watching at a safe distance!

Grandpa and I on matching crutches!  Now we have matching walking boots!