Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day Photos

The kids were not real impressed with taking photos but they got right on board once I told them they could do a funny face one... at the end!
Tiana forgot the "at the end part"!

It is amazing how fast Tiana can turn on this look when she wants to!

Still in the funny face mode!

This was ALL her pose!!!  We loved it!

Camden: 18 Months

Where has the last year and a half gone?  I can't believe Camden is 18 months old!  I am so enjoying him right now, this is the first time that I have ever had an 18 month old without another baby!!!  When Tiana was 18 months old I had a 4 month old baby!  Needless to say this age is fun... well besides the terrible two moments that have started all ready!  YIKES!  I am starting to hear "NO mines" a LOT lately.  Camden talks about the same amount as Tiana did probably... which is a TON for an 18 month old.  He will say anything you tell him to say and puts two words together all of the time and he is now starting to put three words together quite a bit.  He is quite the little copy cat.  Anytime ANYONE is talking he repeats everything they say... even if his siblings are in trouble and getting a little talking to from me.  Some of my favorite little things he is always saying are: "o-tay" ok "hewoah" hello (also what he calls a phone) "es" yes "tinana" Tiana "Canden" Camden "Keanon" Keaton "where go, der tis" where did it go, there it is! "doll done" all done... the list goes on!  He calls his nose his "beep" since everytime he pushes Daddy's nose it beeps!  He is always asking us for "ugs" hugs and kisses.  He loves his older brother and sister and looks up to them.  He copies everything they do.  Camden can always be found singing or dancing.  He knows almost all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, his ABC's he gets a lot of the letters in.  He also loves and knows most all of the songs from the Ivan Ulz cd that we have, Fire Truck, Hotta Hotta Chocolatta, etc.  He is getting to know all of our graces for meals and sings loud and proud!  At his 18 month appointment he weighed in at a lightweight 24 pounds (30%) and a LONG 34.5 inches long (96%).

In order for us to get him to sit down on the truck stool we said BEEP every time he sat.  He was beeping his nose at the same time!

This kid LOVES hats.  He often wears one just around the house for fun!

Dancing away! (click to enlarge)

Gets the giggles! (click to enlarge)

Painting Projects!

Here is what we have been busy doing these past couple of weeks!  Paint, paint and more paint!  We have been wanting to re-do our bedroom for a while now.  We got a new bed set that is grey, blue, turquoise, green and khaki.  We painted the wall behind our bed dark grey and then the other three walls a dusty dark blue.  Before it was a really pale blue and more floral (sorry no photos).  We love how it came together.  Modern but still cozy.

 That was last weekend... this was this weekend.  We decided to paint our kitchen and dining room.  One of the selling points of this house was the kitchen.  I have always loved it and can't believe how much the paint accents it.  When we moved into this house we were so excited that the walls were khaki and not white... now that we have been here for 4 years it was SO khaki, everywhere!  Friday night we put the kids to bed and got out the paint!  We got done with the kitchen and dining room about 12:15 at night and decided that the living room needed some color and while the paint was out we may as well keep at it!  So glad we did (even though it was 2:30 before we were in bed and darling Tiana woke up at 7:20!) it looks awesome!  Now we wonder why it took us so many years to paint.

Here is a before...

and after!  The wall under the counter and on the sliding glass door wall is a darker milk chocolate.  All the rest is a bit lighter!

 Living room:
We decided to take the paint on around this wall into the living room.  You see this wall as you walk in the front door.

And the other wall we painted was the pop out that the fireplace is in.   I think I will be changing out that big photo for an even bigger canvas photo.  It looks rather tiny on a huge wall even though it is a 16x20 photo.

The big picture.

It was a lot of work but we love the end result! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

What you have missed:

We got back from taking the kids skiing and they loved it so much that we knew we needed to get them helmets.  We found one for Tiana and she obviously loved it because she didn't want to take it off.  She came in and announced that she "had an idea, I can wear my helmet to bed"!
Apparently coloring is a hazard!

When one of then wants to color they all do, and I love it!

We took all the kids up this time to ski and Camden just walked around for awhile and then went into the lodge with Nana.

Papa and Keaton then Daddy and Tiana.  Mommy just got to watch this time since my neck and shoulder were still hurting.
Equipment malfunction... can't see!

Much better!

While we were outside, Camden and Nana got a snack!  He ate lots of french fries and then made a "buday cake".  I guess he was singing Happy Birthday with the fries as candles!

Now THAT is bedhead!

This, well this is a cape and I am not sure what else, but he had fun!
 Then our trip got a little crazy!  We were just ready to head home when Camden (who this weekend discovered he can climb up onto furniture) toppled backward over the arm of a chair.  Of course I was right there!  He had been using the slanted footstool as a slide all weekend so when he climbed up I thought nothing of it.  He stood up to get turned around and I thought to slide down. I bent over to pick up his shoes and he somehow fell.  He hit the back of his head on the corner of the dresser on the way down.  When I picked him up I saw drops of blood... never a good thing!  I put my hand to the back of his head and it came away bloody!  We took him to the ER in McCall.  Luckily when I went in it was the wrong door and I walked right into the nurses station.  It was good though because the doctor was there and looked at it right then.  She said that it didn't have to have anything done but we needed to expect lots of blood for about a week.  Anytime he would bonk it or rub it, it would bleed again.  I asked her what she would do if he was her child, she looked at it again and she said, "No doubt about it, two staples".  So we did it!  He did AMAZING!  The cut needed 6 shots under the skin to numb it and he couldn't move.  He didn't even cry until the last two shots!!!  She said the staples were usually one of worse parts even though it doesn't hurt because of all the pressure.   Camden, however, just sang her Twinkle Twinkle little star and then said "tank oo"!
In the ER waiting for the doctor.

His poor little head!
He has recovered wonderfully after a rough week of him having a bad headache!
I love days like this, when the kids play so well together.  Tiana and Camden are best friends right now, partly because Tiana is a little Mommy aka bossy and likes to direct play.  Which Camden enjoys!
Playing with the kitchen.
 While the other two are playing happily together Keaton plays content all by himself.  He loves getting out the bin of stuffed animals and playing football/soccer/basketball with them!  Not sure what he was playing here but he had so much fun!  The main player was Paul Noonan, he has a GREAT memory since we have only been to one BSU basketball game so far this year!

Wednesday we spent the day at Nana and Papa's after we took photos of them.  Uncle Derek was there which means it is lots of fun!