Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Three years ago we waited in the hospital waiting room all day just waiting to finally get to meet you!  Every day since then your zeal for life itself warms our heart.  You dance through life, which often times causes you to get hurt but you always get right back up and at it!  You take your asthma in stride and don't let it slow you down.  You can be a prickly pear and then the sweetest little thing all in a moments time.  These past few weeks I have gotten a picture of what it will be like to not only be your Mommy but to also be your best friend... I LOVE it!  You can't WAIT to grow up and to go to preschool, you can't wait to ride your new big girl bike... part of me says SLOW DOWN!  But seeing your eyes sparkle with each exiting moment makes me want to experience everything with you.  You have never been a cuddly little girl but that doesn't mean you aren't loving.  You are the first one to tell me that I am your best friend and that you love me SO much and those puckered lips that come at me from across the room for a kiss.... priceless!  Tiana, you are such a joy, we love you SO much, Happy Birthday beautiful! 

These photos were taken in your Pinkalicious outfit!  Pinkalicious is your favorite book right now and so we are having a pinkalicious party!!