About Us

Welcome to our, sometimes loud, never boring, occasionally stressful, usually happy and always loving Family!

Hi, Welcome to our blog!  We try to keep this site up to date with our little family for a couple of reasons… first of all so that we can always remember each stage, but most importantly for the birth families of our children to be able to peek into the day to day life as their kids grow up!  Sometimes it takes a little bit to get posts up but my kids always come first so I know you will understand.

We got married in 2004 and we knew a couple things for sure… we wanted 4 kids and we wanted to adopt.  This was before we even knew that we would have trouble getting pregnant.  We tried for a year to get pregnant with no avail so we turned to fertility.  After 4 months we got pregnant, only to miscarry.  This was devastating, but we were faced with the choice of in-vitro or adoption and the choice was clear, we would adopt! We told a couple close family members and the next day we got a call about a baby who had just been born!  We were in love, we didn’t care what he looked like, what his genetics were like, we loved him already!  4 days later we held him in our arms for the first time.  From that point we KNEW that it didn’t matter if he grew inside me or he grew in our hearts, he was our son, Keaton. Keaton is an all boy, rough and tumble, a sweetheart who is loving, kind and a wonderful big brother! He has the best heart!

When Keaton turned one we decided that maybe we would just get on the in-vitro list, if that was what we were supposed to do then it would happen.  I got all signed up for a few months down the road… and the phone rang!  Would we be interested in adopting again, could we send a birthmother letter? YES!  6 weeks later we got a call that she wanted to meet us, we drove there and got to sit in on the ultrasound to find out that the baby was a girl!!!!  A few months later we were in the hospital when Tiana was born!  When we brought Keaton (18 months) into meet her, without any hesitation he said, “Sissy!”. Lil Miss Tiana dances through life with a sparkle in her eye and a song on her lips.  She brings beauty into the everyday!

When Tiana was 6 months old we had quite the perfect little surprise, we found out we were pregnant!!  We probably wouldn’t have planned for them to be 14 months apart but there was NO complaining, we never thought that we would experience this miracle as well!  When Camden was born we were struck by the fact that we felt the SAME way about him as we did about Keaton and Tiana.  I had always told people that it didn’t matter how it came to be, they were our kids.  That day proved that fact! Camden is our firecracker!  He never stops…. talking… moving… and making us laugh!  He adores his siblings and is such a loving little boy!

We would love to add a fourth to complete our family!  We have tried to conceive for years now… we have been through heartbreaking miscarriages again but we KNOW that Gods timing and plan is ALWAYS best.  We are SO thankful every day for our first miscarriage, because it settled that we wanted to adopt.  We can’t imagine life without our kids and we love each one of them deeply!  We are humbled daily by the gifts that we have because of two wonderful birthmothers.  There are no words to describe our complete thankfulness for their sacrifice that we could become parents. 

We maybe wouldn’t have chosen each experience that we have had to go through but looking back we can rest assured and be thankful that those experiences each lead to where we are today… and there is NO place where we would rather be!  We don’t know what the future holds for our family but we look forward to discovering it together!