Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sew Fun

First of all, I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting! The other night while he was sleeping on Daddy it just hit me how big he looked!
A two minute project:
I had some old knee socks in the back of my sock drawer that I haven't been worn in years, so I cut off the feet, did a ruffle stitch and ta-da Baby Legs! Plus WAY cheaper than you can get them anywhere else. They just look so cute on Tiana and now she has three pairs.
The other project that I did was make this shirt for her. I had a shirt in my closet that I haven't worn since we had kids because the neck didn't fit me right but I didn't want to get rid of it because there was nothing wrong with it. Well I just cut it up and made it into a shirt for Tiana. I used the extra fabric to add all of the ruffles and then sewed on a bow! I got a ruffle foot for my sewing machine and oh my... LOVE IT! It looks so cute on her and now that I know how easy it is to make shirts, I will be making more for her out of my old ones. You just make a pattern out of a shirt that fits her well and go for it.

Of course he has to get in on the photos because I am taking some of Sis.

Love the outfit.
I also was able to make her Thanksgiving outfit so photos will be coming of that dress! How did I do this you ask...... we wore the kids out on our trip apparently..... they have been napping WONDERFULLY! Speaking of which, they are all asleep so I am off to sew some more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last week was a nice little trip down to Utah. We went down to Enterprise (near St. George) for a couple of days and stayed at the apartment that my parents have down there for Papa when he is working. This morning we headed over to Nana and Papa's and Keaton wanted to make sure that we were going to Nana's house because he didn't want to go "all the way" to Papa's house. We had told him that we were staying at Papa's Utah house so apparently my parents have separate houses! Doesn't quite get that you can have two houses. Daddy and Papa worked on Thursday and Nana and I took the kids and hung out in St. George for the day enjoying the warm weather.
Loves airplane rides with Daddy.
We tuckered out Tiana shopping.... she fell asleep in the shopping cart.
On Friday we headed into Salt Lake. The original plan was to go to the Boise State game that was in Logan... however all of the kids got sick. Tiana and Camden have it the worst but they were all coughing so we decided to just watch the game in our hotel and enjoy the pool. Our hotel had a water park in it for the kids and they loved it.
When you pulled on the ropes, water would spray.
This was Camden's first time swimming and he loved it. Tiana however didn't feel very good so she hung out with us on the step most of the time.
She ventured out a little as long as her Daddy had her.

While we took the kids in the deeper water Camden hung out in his Bumbo watching us play.
Warming up in the hot tub before going back to the room to watch the game.

On Saturday there was lots of swimming and a little Outlet Mall shopping. Tiana and Camden took the rest of the time off from swimming because their noses were so runny. We did venture down to the pool to watch Keaton and Daddy though.
Keaton loved the pool and spent as much time as he could in it (as much time as he could convince Daddy to take him that is).

Camden LOVES his jumper and will literally spend hours a day in it. His swing sits untouched most every day because he hates but.... so very glad that he likes jumping!

Please excuse the quality, these are from my phone. On Sunday afternoon we headed home after one final swim in the pool.
Tiana was so tired that she fell asleep while eating.... seriously.... chicken nugget in her hand and bite in her mouth!
After she woke up, Keaton was asleep so we were keeping her occupied but quiet so she didn't wake up the boys. She was making all sorts of faces at me so I just had to get a few photos.

The kids traveled WONDERFUL! We were so proud of them. Just a few cute little sayings from this last week.
Tiana was fussing in her carseat one day and when we asked her why she simply told us "Pants are bunched!" We pulled down her pant legs and fixed the problem. She never ceases to amaze me how much she talks... what other 18 month old states that they have bunched pants!?!?
She also has learned that she loves the word "NO" yes, it is quite obnoxious! Keaton always tells her "Tiana don't say No".... guess he hears that some!
Keaton has gotten quite a little attitude lately. For those who are parents you know those moments that you have to do ALL you can not to laugh.... even though the kids are in trouble. Well we had a couple of those moments one evening when we were out to eat. He kept tipping his chair and we had told him a couple times to stop so that he wouldn't hurt himself. Daddy finally said, "How many times are we going to have to tell you?" Keaton held up three fingers and put them in his face!!
He also insisted that he wanted a hamburger (Mommy didn't figure he would eat it but you know... the three year old thinks he knows best). We got him a hamburger and what do you know.... he wasn't eating it. I was giving him a little talk about how he had said that is what he wanted so he had better eat it when he said "Ok here's the deal.... I changed my mind".
That one took some serious concentration on my part to not completely start laughing.... after the fact and still today I just have to laugh thinking about how matter of fact and grown up he said it. He is really trying to figure out what is ok for him to do..... if we can change our minds then why can't he.... if Camden can bite (put things in his mouth) why can't he... etc etc. He came up to me quite perturbed the other day because Camden bit him..... I told him to keep his fingers out of Camden's mouth! :)
Look at this pretty girl we have. She looks so grown up here I can hardly believe it.
And look what we can do with her hair now!!!!! ONE ponytail...... barely!!!!
Stay tuned for new sewing projects.... I have three finished that I need to get photos taken of!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Projects and Cousins

Keaton as figured out how to hold up 3 fingers now..... as you can tell it still takes some concentration but he is so very proud of himself. The first night he learned how to, he fell asleep with his fingers that way for fear that he wouldn't be able to do it again!
There it is.... my big three year old.
We had lunch with Cousin Remington and Auntie Shanna yesterday. We were giving Camden and him some play time and the older two had to join in of course.

These two are going to have so much fun together.
Lately my sewing machine has been calling to me from it's new location on my sewing table. However, I have been so busy with photos that I haven't had a chance to start on any projects. Last night I decided to do a little quick re-fashioning of this shirt. I had a scarf that I used to wear as a belt with it but I haven't worn it in forever. So I thought that I would just cut it up and make these flowers on it instead. I LOVE the way it turned out... not to bad for a little hour evening project.

Hopefully after we get back from our little trip I can start some of the many projects I have to sew! Plus I have a few little quick ones too. I have been addicted to all these re-fashioning projects lately I keep seeing on other blogs. If anyone has a solid color sweater they are looking to get rid of, I will take it! I can't wait to make this hat for Tiana. I also just got t-shirts to make this little dress and I have fabric for this skirt for Tiana. Not to mention that I have got to get the flower girl dress for Tiana and the boys' ties (from this tutorial) done for Mark and Kyla's wedding on January 1st.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall fun

Apparently we are having too much fun around here to do any more than one update a week! Actually the true culprit is a working mommy. I have had 4-6 photo shoots every week for the past month. It looks like it is going to slow down a little bit here with Thanksgiving coming up but I have some scheduled already for the first week in December. So it looks like for the time being you better get used to seeing us once a week or so! Next week we are going to Utah with Daddy since he has to go down to the job. Then we are taking a little R&R in Salt Lake for the weekend with the kids.
Tiana re-discovered the exersaucer this late week!
Camden learned how to blow bubbles, raspberries and grab onto things this last week. Oh and also he is rolling over all the time now. He has actually been able to roll over from tummy to back since he was about 2 weeks old!!! However now he is doing it all the time.
BIG EYES while blowing lots of bubbles.

Getting some chub.
Keeping Sissy entertained with the camera while the boys finished their naps.
We gave Camden his first taste of rice cereal..... NOT a huge fan yet! We will try again in a few weeks.

We went to a birthday party on Wednesday and the kids had a blast!
Since he is now grabbing toys, he LOVES his exersaucer and really bounces and plays in it.
We had a fun weekend with all of my family here for the BSU Vandals game. My brothers taught Keaton the Vandals fight song, which made him want to learn the Bronco one. So all week he learned it and in teaching him Tiana chants it too. After we got home from the game this evening Camden was REALLY happy because he slept most of the time.