Monday, February 2, 2015


I am going to sneak this update in because you probably won't see me much for a couple weeks.  We are hoping to get temporary occupancy this week and get moved in!!  We are already unpacking but we can't sleep there until we get the inspection done! 
Sidewalks revealed!

Laundry room/mud room!

I made the cushion these past couple weeks! 120 inches of cushion is NOT easy to run through the machine... but I did it! That little counter on the right will be for the phone/chargers.


Entry looking into the study!

FIRE!!!! YAY!  This is where Camden hangs out while I unpack!

Daddy's Birthday and Christmas!

First of all, a few dresses from fall!
This was a pattern test from The Cottage Mama!

Princess and the Pea!

This is the Traegerkleid by klimperklein pattern. Yes it is a German pattern... a little interesting trying to figure everything out when nothing is in English! I didn't even bother with the directions once had the sizing and pattern pieces figured out! I LOVE this pattern and can't wait to make more. Oh yes and Tiana's hair... that was my brain exercise for the day, a 5 strand french braid!! smile emoticon

This may have been my favorite Sunday dress from this Fall! Millie Rose Flutter Dress with a hedgehog sash!

Frozen dress that was a HUGE hit!

I made my usual stack of shirts for the boys but these have been my favorite ones!!!
The beginning of December we celebrated Daddy's birthday!  We are all sooo lucky to have him as a Daddy and Hubby!

This year Keaton and Tiana both got to be in the same Christmas program at school!

Tiana and Cora (middle row, far right)  I am so glad that these girlies have each other!

Keaton was stuck between two very chatty girls... and not real pleased about the matter!
I planned Tiana's Christmas party this year and we did a minute to win it theme!  The kids loved it!!  This station they got to make their partner into a snowman with toilet paper rolls!

Camden's Christmas program.... best program EVER!  The little girl in the black dress in the front was hilarious!  They sang Let it Go and she got SO into it that the entire audience was laughing so hard they were crying!  Seriously funny!

Camden and Troy!
Brynlee came to visit over Christmas so we got to enjoy her for a little over a week!

Uncle B got to read Bryn her favorite book, Fox in Socks.  The kids used to love that book too so he enjoyed being able to share some snuggles with her while reading that again!

Keaton read a couple pages... just long enough for a cute picture before they were off!
We got to spend a few days in New Meadows soaking up family, snow and game time!

Uncle Derek giving Bryn a ride in the kayak!

Brynlee loved sledding and not phased by the speed... in fact she just ate snow off her glove on the way down!

Present time!  Keaton got a cool talking globe that tells you all about the countries.  Tiana got a karaoke machine which she LOVES!  Camden got a fort building kit just like this one!

So cute! She took Uncle B over to the "neigh neigh" sled and wanted a ride!  The sled was the one that she sat on like a horse!

I love this one, they both have their mouths open catching snowflakes!

I love how much Bryn trusts Keaton!

AND... then she discovered that the decorations were CANDY!!!!!!
In other news, we can't wait to have another nephew this spring!!!
When we told Camden that Brynlee was going to have a baby brother and he would have a new baby boy cousin his response was: "YAY! Who's tummy is he coming out of?!" 
When we told Keaton his response was: "This is tremendous news! What a relief!" I asked him why it was a relief and he said "Two girls would be double trouble!" 
We are very excited to have another nephew!
Dresses for little Bryn... since she loves cars and horses I had to make her these!

Matching dresses!  This is the Charlie-Mack-a-Doodle pattern again only this time I raised the waist and then lengthened the circle skirt!  I will definitely  be making more like this!