Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Settled

Daddy is back at work and we are settling into life around here. It actually has been a smooth transition and other than it taking me a couple hours to get out the door in the morning if we have to do anything it hasn't changed much. Well that and one little incident last night! Daddy got home and Camden started crying, which doesn't happen much... I got him up to discover that he had COMPLETELY blown out his diaper. It was EVERYWHERE from his back down to his feet and all over the blankets. Thank goodness Daddy was there to help change. Of course at this moment Tiana decided she had to eat and couldn't wait one more minute so she was crying too. We were both changing his diaper with her crying when Camden kicked me in the face so I had poop all over me. Right after that he started peeing..... right in Tiana's face!! That shut off the tears in a hurry as she looks up at us shocked and blinking! At that point we just lost it. We were laughing so hard and just decided it was bath time! Pj's before dinner. There will be many more moments like this I am sure and all you can do is sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride!
Tiana checking up on her baby brother.

Keaton would hold Camden all day if we let him.
Last night Daddy had Camden time while tying flies... now that takes talent!
Camden thought the whole ordeal was rather boring but didn't complain much since he had his Daddy!
Here he is this morning in his big boy clothes!

We took a few family photos today that I will post as soon as I finish editing them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy's Fishing Buddy.

Daddy took Keaton out to Wilson Ponds yesterday for a "big boy" outing. They spent about an hour in the backyard digging worms to feed the fish.... which he promptly dumped in the water when they got there. That's the way they do the fish food in Nana and Papa's pond so he did just that. Thank goodness Daddy had power bait and it worked. Keaton caught his first two fish.
Proud of his fish!

He insisted on taking them home!
Little fisherman in action.
When the fishing got slow he scared away any possible bites with rocks!

Daddy took the fish and grilled it last night for dinner. It was really tasty and Keaton got quite the kick out of providing dinner for us!
He did miss his little brother though while he was gone.
And of course a couple of Camden since he seems to change every day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Grandparent's Day

Camden got his first sponge bath on Saturday night.
Keaton was happy to get to stay up and watch.

Yesterday was Great Grandparent's Day in this household.
Grandma and Grandpa Great.
Great Grandpa and Grandma Z.
Grammy and Poppy.
Sissy helping Nana do the dishes after dinner. She has become quite the little Daddy and Nana's girl lately since I still can't lift her.
Cuddle time with Mommy.
Camden doesn't really cry all that much but he sure can make faces!
Just a little grin.
All the boys.
Camden had a huge period of awake time before bed last night so we were able to get quite a few photos of him.

He can wrinkle up his forehead just like Daddy!
It is amazing how well he holds himself up when he is alert. He doesn't bobble around much at all.

We started out this morning a little bit earlier and running..... out both sides of the diaper!
Needless to say we got some computer time in before the other kids are up.
Wrinkled up forehead and saggy baggy knees!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The last few days...

We have spent the last few days soaking up our kids. We could not have asked for a better baby. Camden is a WONDERFUL eater and just as good of a sleeper. Noise doesn't bother him at all... in fact not much does! We are hoping that things stay like this.... at least until this Mommy is back on her feet again!
Filling big brother shoes just like a pro!
Camden and cousin Remington.
Meeting Grandpa.
Going home!
We just can't get enough of these tiny perfect little features.
Daddy and his boys.
Tiana has done great with this whole transition! She doesn't pay to much attention to Camden except to sneak in a kiss here and there and say hi. She goes about playing but has to take time outs to go check on her baby brother.

Uncle Ryan.
Uncle Derek.... who had been playing with Keaton out by the pool.

When he is awake... which isn't much... he has been so content to just look around and take in the scenery.
Making sure baby brother was doing good.
Grandma with some of her grandkids.
This shows how tiny he is.
Cuddle time with Daddy.
And then with Brother. Keaton has been AMAZING!!! He adores Camden and is always saying "I love him SO much". If he starts fussing at all Keaton is right there saying "I know, it's ok, shhh". This is what I say while changing his diaper or if he gets impatient to eat.
Keaton trying to feed him!
Our newest little addition to our family.
We have quite a few more photos to add but they will be for another time.... now it is off to bed. We will leave you with this cute little video of big brother.