Saturday, October 30, 2010

More sewing!

This is the dress that I was hoping to take her Fall photos in but I wasn't able to finish it until after our family shoot.  Oh well.  This is the Sandi Henderson Claire pattern that I have used so much but it is a different view!  I added the panel at the bottom (it wasn't on the pattern) but I thought that it would be cute since I always have to add length for Tiana anyways.  It looks adorable with tights and a sweater for winter.  It is Moda fabric Wonderland by Momo.  By the time that I saw this fabric the first time it was sold out everywhere online.... I was in Craft Warehouse a few weeks later and they had it!!!  I was so excited to find someone that still had some!  The bodice is also the same fabric as her bible case.

I made the flowers for her the same day that my fabric was laying out to be sewn and I discovered that they all went very well with the dress!  So we used all of them on a headband!

Back view.

And one of my littlest cutie!  Since Sissy was having a photo shoot he wanted in on the fun!

Family Photos

I had a rescheduled shoot last Saturday so we took advantage of a rare Saturday without me working to get our family done!  Thanks to Nana for getting all the kids to smile!!!  Love the way they turned out and Katherine Albertson park is BEAUTIFUL right now!

This one is my favorite and will be hanging on our wall shortly!

We switched things up a bit this time and instead of doing a photo of the boys and then us girls we did Daddy-Daughter and Mommy-Sons!

If you ask her she says that she is "Daddy's girl"  and sometimes Keaton and Camden's girl too!

Me and my handsome little boys!

My favorite!

This one is a close second, maybe tied for first!

This one may be my favorite of Camden... he was a bit cranky so we didn't get many choices of him!

By the way, this is the skirt I made for her a while back... love it with the ruffle sweater!

Love this mischievous giggle!!  I can't even begin to decide which one I like best for her.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

After making all of their shirts for Keaton's birthday party I decided to have the kids wear their shirts for Halloween also!  We got some blue hair spray for Tiana and Camden and some face paint for Keaton!  They were SO very cute!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boise State

This little cutie and his mommy will be enjoying the game on the computer from the comfort of our home because I feel crummy with this cold and sitting out in the cold and rain won't help that any!  Also because Camden got a touch of the little tummy bug Keaton had... luckily he hasn't thrown up all day so we are looking pretty good.  He has lived on goldfish crackers and cheerios but hey whatever works!  Now lets see if we can make it through the next 48 hours with no one else getting it.  I have a feeling I am doomed but we are going to think positive!  Anyways besides all this we got all dressed up (the sweats are Boise State too so they are ok) and we are going to cuddle together on the couch and watch the game while the rest of our family freezes down at the stadium... really I wish I felt good enough to join them but oh well I figure I will just enjoy the quiet time with my little munchkin!

Love how this shows all his little teeth!  He FINALLY got in his other bottom tooth, he has had three down there for the longest time!  Now to get those eye teeth in!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nighttime Sewing

A positive to having LOTS of sick days and not going anywhere is I have got LOTS of sewing done!  I finally took a few photos this morning of a few of the dresses I have made lately.  Excuse Tiana's crazy hair and quick snapshots because I just plain don't feel great!
My Mother-in-law brought everything over to my house to make these wreaths!  So we had a craft day outside enjoying one of our last nice days of fall.  Both my sister in laws were here also so the kids played/took naps while we each made ourselves something fun for fall!  Here is the little owl that graces our living room wall!  I just LOVE the way that it turned out!

Here is a close up!

Dress number one!  I actually finished this a week ago but just got around to taking a photo.  I got the knit on the bottom on clearance at Hobby Lobby and sewed it on to a t-shirt.  It is plenty big and will probably fit her next winter too!

This was not quite so cheap knit but oh so nice!  It is new Michael Miller knit and I am in LOVE!!!!  If you have ever worked with knit you know how it rolls on the ends... not this!!  It is thick and so nice to work with.  This is a pattern from Mod Kid.  Comfy and cute!
Same pattern different fabric.  This is also Michael Miller knit and I can't wait until they come out with their new line... it looks as good as this one!  Oliver + S just came out with knit also and I am curious how it compares..... might have to order some and see.  Tiana loves both of these dresses.  I also used some scraps of knit to make a couple hair things... I will have to take photos of those sometime too.
This was the easiest dress!  I found this ruffle fabric at Hobby Lobby a while ago and knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I got another black t-shirt and sewed it on... easy as that!

Pumpkin Patch

Keaton's preschool took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and we got to tag along!  I didn't get very many photos of Keaton because he was busy playing with his friends.  It was a fun morning before we all got sick!!!  Poor Tiana with her asthma had a couple REALLY rough and scary days and one EXTREMELY bad night.  She was breathing about 60 breaths a minute and nebulizer treatments weren't helping that much or for that long.  She is doing better now but can't seem to get rid of her cough.  Just as we were getting the kids better from their colds, Keaton picked up a tummy bug and I got their cold.... so I have been miserable and we are hoping Keaton doesn't share his new bug!!  Camden is talking SO much now!  I hear "ma-ma' ma-ma'" all day!  When I say what he will often say "hhhiii"  in a little sing song voice.  He sure knows how to sweet talk.  He will come up to me holding (ish cackas) goldfish crackers and say "ma-ma' hhhiiii, ish cackas ease"  How can you resist, especially with a please at the end!  I am also hearing him say sissy and kneenon (Keaton) all day.  It is cute to see him hollar for them!  We always know when he is going to be stinky because we hear grunting and then he declares "poop!"  Especially great while we are sitting in meeting let me tell you!!!  hedhog (hedgehog) is another new word, he has a shirt with one on it.  He says down when he wants up, not sure why but that one won't last long since we always correct him.  He also says "bonco" (bronco) "oise state" (boise state) "irs down" (first down) and "tutdown" touch down.... and all balls are "ootballs" so we have another football fan.  He calls himself "andon" and has thought up a name for his pacifier... that one I will have to get on video because I don't know how on earth to type it!  He will attempt to say anything you tell him to and the words that he uses on a daily basis are increasing every day.  He has also in the past week figured out how to run!  It is so cute, his little legs move really really fast and he has a spring in his right foot.  Every step he takes with his right foot he bounces! 
The sheep were VERY funny!

Part of Keaton's class!  Yes all boys!  They just got one new little girl though!

Camden has perfected the climbing part but not so much the getting down!  He is a little chicken when it comes to ANYTHING high or scary!!  I heard "elp mama'" (help mama) and came to find this!

Taking photos was NOT part of the plan!  He was getting a little upset with me!

Fun tower Daddy built with the boys!