Friday, November 22, 2013

Kids Quotes

Last night we were talking about Camden's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool next week. Benji asked if he was dressing up as an Indian or Pilgram. Tiana said if she was going to dress up she would be an "Indian Quarter". (Long pause) Then Daddy figured it out! We have always told her that she is a quarter (1/4) Indian! Good news little girl, you don't even have to dress up to be a 1/4 Indian.... not sure how she would be an Indian quarter though!!

Camden: We had red and green goldfish for a snack at school!
Daddy: Really, but how could you tell which ones were red and which ones were green?
Camden: (exasperated) Daaad, I KNOW because the red ones are the same color as avacados!!!

Yep... still color blind!

A few of these are from a while ago but I wanted to make sure they got on here!

Camden was playing on my phone when it rang... he answers and I hear, "Hi, I am busy, I will call you back.... I said I will cal lyou back!!"  When I asked who called and if he answered he said, "Nana called, but I am busy playing the phone so I will call her back!" If you call and get hung up on, don't worry, my secretary must be very busy!

Camden declared that when he grew up he was going to be a dinosaur hunter.  He went on and on about how and where he would hunt dinosaurs.  We then told him that dinosaurs weren't real they are extinct so that wouldn't work.  So... Camden declared that was ok when he grew up he would hunt monsters instead!!

When we were in Hawaii last summer we were having a bit of a problem with him saying hate.  That word is not allowed in our house and we told him what it meant and why he couldn't say it.  We also said that if he said it again he would get soap in his mouth.  I figured surely this threat would be enough... nope... a while later he said it again.  SO I squirted a bit of liquid soap in his mouth.  He didn't even make a face but he coughed a bit.... which made huge bubbles come out of his mouth!  This of course made soap in the mouth REALLY cool and I had to leave the room so he wouldn't see me laughing.  
In the end I had to do it one more time at the airport.... apparently airport foam soap was gross enough to get the point across! ;)

Also in Hawaii, Camden had to go potty REALLY bad.  It was a long walk to the bathroom so I told him to go in the ocean!  He said ok and ran down the beach.  He got his toes in the water and stopped.  Warning bells start going off in my head and sure enough he drops his shorts! I ran over and told him that he was supposed to go INTO the ocean and THEN go!  He was very worried about that option because his swimsuit would get wet.... I explained that his swimsuit would already be wet and really it was ok!  He then thought it was the funniest thing that he had EVER done and had to tell everyone!  Of course then we had to go over when peeing in the water is acceptable and not!!