Sunday, November 1, 2015

Labor Day and some Exciting News!

 We had a wild and crazy Labor Day weekend!  It started out with the BSU vs Washington game! Uncle Derek came to visit and go to the game!

 Late games make for tired kids... they don't mind though, they just sleep!

Right after the game we headed for Montana.  In August we got a call about a baby and if we would be interested!  I cried... which was a good answer!  We heard from the birth mother via email a few weeks later.  The email was so touching she said "You will have 2 girls and 2 boys".  We talked on the phone the next Monday and she wondered why we hadn't told the kids yet! So we waiting a LONG week and then told the kids via fortune cookie!  I took out the fortunes and replaced them with the following fortunes: 
Keaton's fortune was on top, Tiana's fortune next and then Camden's fortune.  The last fortune was opened after a few wrong guesses!  Their first guess was Mommy is having a baby in October... obviously the whole 9 month pregnancy is a bit over their heads.  Their next guess is Auntie Kyla is having a baby.... well nope guys that doesn't give you a sister.  They opened the last fortune and then I whispered "adoption".  Tiana ran up to me with tears filling her eyes saying, "Mommy REALLY, Thank you Mommy!!" Keaton says, "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!". Camden says, "Can we keep her?". Um yes child... that is the point! 

 The birth mother lives within a half hour of Keaton's birth grandparents so BONUS we got to see them!  The kids sure love any time they spend with their cousins. 
We spent some time with the birth mother, she is amazing!  Easy to love!  She was wonderful with our kids.  Went out of her way to really talk to each of them and to tease Camden.  We all fell in love with her and our adventure began!! She has an inner strength and peace about the choice that was truly admirable! We had 8 weeks until the due date and a homestudy takes 6-8 weeks to complete!  I received all the homestudy paper work on a Friday and turned it in on the next Tuesday.  They said it was the fasted turn around ever!
Here are our baby girls ultrasound photos!
Due date is October 22nd!  Keaton was really hoping for her born on his birthday October 13th!  We told him that he did realize that he would have to share his birthday FOREVER... he said that sounded perfect!
To have Keaton and Tiana be able to witness first hand the miracle of adoption and to see the love that a birthmother has for their baby... to truly witness that love and the reason for the choice... is priceless. I am sure that we will get questions but the experience for each of our kids will be wonderful!

One very full 4 wheeler!
Let the sewing begin!

First Week of School

We had a happy crew on the first day of school! They did wonderfully!  Tiana didn't even cry... which is huge! Camden was a little nervous but his best friend is in class with him so all was well!  Mommy had a harder time with it than he did!

After the first week of school, Brynlee and Quentin came to visit with their Mommy!  We took all the kids to the zoo and loved every moment of time together!

The butterfly exhibit was a favorite!