Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pacifier Update

A couple weeks ago we took away Camden's pacifier.  We cut off the ends of them and told him that the fishy ate it.  He was FURIOUS!!!  He screamed and cried for 3 hours the first night!!!!  About half way through the crying Keaton came out and said, "I can't sleep, I am scared!"  We asked him what was so scary and he said "The fish... it came in and ate his plug... what if it does it again!  What else will it eat!"  We got a good laugh out if it and told him a little secret that Mommy used the scissors that the fish did NOT eat it really!  Poor kid!  After the first couple nights Camden did great and he now only asks for it if he gets hurt really bad and all it takes is a little reminder that they are broken.  In fact we always ask him what happened to them.  He will say "Pug broken, fishy eat it!"  He did have to chew out the fish quite a bit after the fact!  Such a relief to have that gone though!