Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Circus and Birthday

We got a great deal on tickets to the circus Sunday evening.  In hindsight it wasn't the smartest idea to have them sit through two meetings and then a circus after all that, however, they still had fun!  The elephants were the best part and the kids loved them.


Last night we gave Tiana her gifts from us!
She loves My Little Pony's right now!

Another one of her favorite book characters.

A new pair of dress up shoes.  She wears them so much that she broke her last pair from stomping around in them!

She sang to herself very loudly!

Daddy stopped on the way home from work and got her some pink flowers!  This of COURSE made her day!

Closing her eyes waiting for her big present!!!

She jumped up and squealed then proceeded in yelling "My bike, my bike, my new bike etc etc"  It was adorable and we so wish that we would have had the video camera going!!

My favorite photo of Camden!!!  That pout!!!  He was throwing a poor me fit because he wanted a "my bike, blue one!"  This kid is so funny, he has to have whatever his big brother and sister have even if it is very unreasonable!  Sometimes you just have to roll your eyes and laugh!