Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day

So very very thankful for the wonderful gifts that make me a Mommy! I couldn't have asked for better kids!

 I had to take a couple full length shots of Tiana in this dress!  Love it still! Pattern: Farbenmix Elodie

Lil Miss Beautiful Brynlee!!

She has a wonderful pout already!

Lots of admirers!!!

Tiana turns FIVE!!!!

 Tiana, you are beautiful inside and out!  I can't get over those bright blue eyes and dark curls! You are a funny combination of shy and stubborn... which could prove quite interesting in Kindergarten!  However, once you set your mind to do something, NOTHING will get in your way.  You aren't afraid of much of anything except for new situations and people.  You are such a patient big sister.  You watch out for your little brother and look up to your big brother.  You have recently discovered that you can play basketball so you enjoy playing with Keaton some!  Camden and you are inseparable, you have the same goofy sense of humor and imagination.  You would play outside every minute of the day.  We love your smile, it lights up the room.  Your giggle is infectious.  You love all things pink, purple and sparkly but you are always the first one in the mud! Slow down little girl, you are growing up TOO fast!  We love you SO much pretty girl!  Happy Birthday!

Tiana is the only one of the kids that wanted to hold the toad!

Tiana's birthday dress!
Pattern: Rachel by Funktional Threads

 On Tiana's actual birthday they had Ag Days at the fairgrounds for the preschool and grade school.

Keaton enjoying a tractor sit surrounded by girls!

So cool to see the Camel!

Tiana's Pre-K class.
 Tiana got to open a few presents from her brothers after lunch!
 Friday night we had a party with some of her little friends!

Rainbow cupcakes!

Party Favors

We discovered that if you get My Little Pony hair wet and combed out and put a curler in it, it curls up great.  That made her ponies look all nice a new again!

The kids had SO much fun!  Nana and Papa's house is the perfect place for a party!

The boys!

Tiana's closest friends.  Chloe, Rylee, Tiana, Cora, Lily, Aislyn

Annual birthday flowers!
 She got the rest of her presents on Saturday evening.

So sweet, she got this doll from an older lady that lived her for a while.  It wears 0-3 baby clothes so Tiana has had a wonderful time dressing it and taking care of it!

Closing their eyes while Daddy brought up the big present!

So funny!

I would say she did pretty good!
 Sunday evening we had her family party!

These boys crack me up!  They will always keep us on our toes!

Keaton got to meet Brynlee for the first time!  He has always LOVED babies so he was VERY excited to get to spend some time with her!


(l to r) Kason (4) Remington (almost 4) Tiana (5) Camden (almost 4) Stella (Almost 2) Winston (almost 2) Keaton (6)
 Grammy and Poppy came down for Tiana's birthday and to meet Brynlee!

Nana and her grandkids!

All that birthday fun wore her out!  She even slept with her baby carrier on that Auntie Shanna made!
Me: Camden you look so cute today!
Camden: I know I'm stylish!

So cute that he sleeps like this... always has from the time he was tiny!

 Camden decided his Leapster Explorer was dirty so he would WASH it... under lots of running water! He showed me how clean it was and there was water dripping out of every little hole and button!! Dried it all out and it STILL WORKS! After getting chewed out about it he says, "I guess my leapster needs a swimming suit, like Daddy's iphone." (Daddy's iphone has a life jacket)