Friday, March 27, 2009

All about the kids

Tiana finds a play phone and immediately says hi!
On a learning note.... last night I looked over to see Keaton trying to help Tiana walk. This is something that he isn't supposed to do so I reminded him and he, of course, very toddler boy-like, just let go of her. She proceeded in standing there (no surprise, she has been doing this a lot) then taking 3 steps all by herself!! She then panicked and got down. Since then though she loves to practice walking, usually only settling down to take one step, sometimes two. At least she finds it fun to practice though.
Who let this monkey escape!?!?! This is regular attire around our household, for him that is. Usually don't let him go outside though without pants and shoes on! We are potty training again. He is doing good about 75% of the time which is progress. Some days he does great ALL day while others not so good. Grandparents get to take over for a week while we are gone so we hope it goes good.

Today is a kid day..... all about what the kids want to do. Of course the first thing Keaton says is "It's sunny, nice and warm" so he wants to go the the park! So here we are again.

The bigger the slide the better for this little boy.
And he still insists on climbing UP them!
Riding with mommy on the swing.
Giving those great big hugs that she is getting so good at.
One more slide before nap time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More teeth and fun

Last weekend we got to meet some good friends at a park to have fun and enjoy a little adult conversation while the kids ran around crazy. Tiana got to try out a swing for the first time. After a little bit of apprehension she learned how to hang on and have fun!
She has her two top teeth now and this photo shows them coming through. You can see them even better now.
This is what a normal evening in our household looks like.....

Meanwhile Keaton is jumping off the couch yelling "Superman", only to climb up again and repeat. Every few minutes reminding Daddy that it was almost "my turn now, Sissy done". Of course there are always times like this too....
Both kids getting Daddy all the while the entire family is laughing! We love every moment.... of course I am not the one getting attacked from both sides!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After our last haircutting experience, aka whining and crying, I was really dreading it this time. However he was very tough and brave and there was very few shed tears.
In the bath afterwards I was commenting how there were all these little hairs in the bath and I told him how cute his new haircut was.
Keaton proceeds in telling me, "Good job mommy, nice haircut. Thank-you mommy, I like it."! Gotta love that!


Check out our adorable little nephew and cousin! He is getting so big.
For more photos click here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Projects and Adventures

Tiana is not our climber. Before Keaton could crawl he was climbing up onto everything... Tiana though is more comfortable where she knows she is safe. So imagine my surprise when I found this last week! She was taking out the Kleenex and afraid to get down! She hasn't been back up since!
Here is her new shirt for this summer. I got the "Claire" pattern from Portabello Pixie and was so excited to sit down and make it for her. Next up is the dress just like this in different fabric.

Close-up of the back (same as the front) since she wouldn't stand still enough to get a photo of the front!
Yesterday afternoon we drove around trying to find a park that wasn't crowded and finally found one. We were the only ones there and the kids had a blast in the 65 degree weather.
Our little climber.

Not quite sure of the whole park experience yet... Mommy and Daddy won't let her eat the bark!

Sissy LOVES the slides.
Terrified but grinning the whole way.

Keaton getting in on the action.
Gotta love this face! It was a little breezy so she kept doing this.

JUMPING off the end of the slide.
Mommy and her kids.

Another big jump.
Yesterday in between park and enjoying the outdoor weather I made her birthday skirt. It actually has little shorts underneath... not that you can tell with all the ruffles but it makes it nice for toddlers. It is a little big but that just means she will get a lot of wear out of it. She has the Gymboree birthday girl shirt that matches it perfectly. After that she can just wear it with pink or white.
Notice she is really experimenting just letting go and standing for a few seconds at a time.
A close-up of all the ruffles.
We finished up a wonderful day with an evening spent outside with our fire pit roasting hot dogs and eating Popsicles.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Daddy took Keaton out to do a little hiking with Uncle Todd on Saturday and forgot his camera!!! So he was at least able to take a few with his phone so the quality isn't wonderful but the photos were so cute I just had to share.
Examining the rocks.
He hiked up this entire hill 3 times all by himself.

Taking a little break before heading back down to do it all again.
This shows how steep a big part of it was. He was one tuckered out, dirty little boy when they got home!
He loved every minute of it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ultrasound Photos

Here are some amazing photos for you to see! The tech turned the ultrasound to 3D at the very end to get a few photos for us which was really cool. Here are two photos of his little profile and face.
This one you can see his little arm and hand up on the side of his face. It was like that the entire ultrasound.
I just love this little profile and body shot. He was winding up to give me a big kick! His legs are on the left side with his little fist up by his face.
Here is his little face. It is hard to read my labels but from top to bottom are the eyes, nose then lips pointed out if you have trouble seeing it! I also labeled his little heart.
This is the bottom of his feet and his other leg.
All boy quite obviously.
Here is one of his legs all stretched out which his foot by the X and his leg all along the line.
Such a cute little profile.
His spine.
I haven't had a chance to see if I can get the DVD broken up and uploaded or not but I will try to look at that pretty soon. I have had a headache today so we are taking it easy and doing a little sewing!