Friday, November 9, 2012


Daddy, Camden and I have been sick this week.  They are both getting better, I have bronchitis so I will be getting better once meds kick in.  Being stuck at home was wonderful though.  We were in need of a slow week.
I got to try out a new pattern by Farbenmix.  The Olivia pattern.  It is European so I can't read a word of it but I love the pattern!  There is a certain satisfaction that comes when you sew something from simply pattern pieces.  I also finally got my little tags in so now everything I make will have their own tag!

This one was a start at 9:00 the night before because it is "white" day at preschool and Tiana has nothing white to wear! It is the Zinnia pattern by LilyGiggle.  Quick sew only I wasn't feeling good and made it too long.  Oh well.
This is something I love to hear every night.  The kids singing hymns.  My little girl has a pretty good voice for a 4 year old!
A funny little Keaton-ism.  He informed us that he slept with his football helmet on the other night... just because... but did we know that he could still drink his water with it on!  He told us that he had to take it off... not because it was uncomfortable... but because he got HOT!
We had his first parent teach conference and of course, he is doing great!  He is in the top few kids for reading and so he gets to go to Mrs. "K" for reading workshop.  Mrs. "K" is great, she puts them on little teams and has them compete against each other for their letters, numbers and sight words.  We hear daily who won and how it went.  Mrs. Smith said that she noticed that he shakes a bit when really concentrating... which we knew, he doesn't want to make any mistakes.  We love her take on it... he is very intense and focused but don't discourage that.  He will be very successful in life because of that.  We love his teacher and so does he.  She said he is very respectful of her and others... that is what we like to hear!
When reading books at night he is really getting good at spotting his sight words which is exciting for us to see and for him!  He will be reading before we know it!
Keaton and Mrs. Smith on Halloween.

When there are no trees around then of course we just climb Daddy!

And a couple Camden-isms:
This is what it is like riding in the van with Camden;
Do worms have beds?
Where do they sleep?
What do worms eat?
Daddy smell my feet.
Can you open the window so I can stick out my feet?
We saw a snake at New Meadows.
Do horses eat dirt or grass?

And all that was just in under 5 minutes!!!!

I love the way he says girls "geeerals".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Photos

This is what you get when Nana tells a funny joke!

And yes... we have a goofy boy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

Camden found my clown nose that I use for photography... he thought he was SO funny!

This little boy is quite the little artist.  Not bad for a 3 year old!

Added hair and showing me the face that his guy is making!

What do I love more than heat transfer vinyl... glitter vinyl!  So fun!

One more outfit for my little girl.  Ruffle pants with a shirt to match.

I love it when they get along so well!
 We went to the pumpkin patch here close to home to pick out carving pumpkins!

Camden of course wanted an angry bird, Keaton has the friendly ghost and Tiana chose the spider.

Group hug!
On Saturday we went to Jeff and Anna's to have a little Halloween party, treats, and decorate pumpkins.

Having fun with the googly eyes.

Our fun pumpkins!