Saturday, September 11, 2010


Keaton started preschool this past week! On orientation day when I went with him he discovered that he didn't get to ride the bus! This was no minor battle with him! He wanted to ride the bus REALLY bad and on the drive there he saw a short bus. He informed me, "See Mom we could use that bus, it would be perfect for preschool!" He did get over this once we got there though! This Tuesday was his first day all by himself! He did great and when I picked him up he told me "I wasn't even sad, Mom"! On Wednesday I told him that he had preschool again the next day and he said, "Thank you, Mom Thank you Thank you Thank you!" So glad that he enjoys it. The teacher asked if he liked it after school on Thursday because he was so quiet and shy! WHAT.... my boy... who has never had a shy bone in his body! I was able to reassure her that it makes his day! She said that he is very well behaved and an excellent listener, loves story time and that he was an "amazing kid"! The last part I already knew but the rest of it I was relieved to hear! I have always known that he is a good kid but I did wonder how he would be in school!
Here is his cheesy kinda shy smile!

Tiana has been spending lots of time staring into this corner lately. I had to take a photo because Camden can't quite figure out what the big deal about the corner is! When she is first sent into the corner Camden follows here fake crying then puts his nose on the door. He then turns around every few seconds and shoots me a big grin then resumes fake crying! Every little bit he has to look and try to figure out what Tiana is looking at! He wants to be just like his older brother and sister even if it means that he has to be in trouble!
Camden has grown up SO much this past week. He is talking up a storm, here are some of the things that he says:
"tanks" or Tanks-oo for Thank you
ease for Please (both of which he says with out prompting)
gog for Dog
gook for look (took me a while to figure this one out, he points at everything)
dink for drink
bub for brother
bu bye for bye bye (he waves a little princess wave which he learned from his sister)
ow for ouch
pup for up
dow for down
scuse for excuse me
and his newest favorite...... ootball for Football (he would play or watch football all day)
bububee for bumble bee (he says bububee then ow when he wants us to sing "bringing home a baby bumble bee")
He knows what a dog, horse, cow, and bunny say. When we tell him to say I love you he blows the sweetest little kisses!
I know there is more but this is all I can remember off the top of my head!

New Meadows

We went up to New Meadows for the long weekend and to watch the Boise State game. The first day was beautiful so we went in to the lake and played in the sand.

Lily and Tiana.
Camden discovers the water.
Trying to get a photo of all 5 kids is rather difficult when all they want to do is play!
Camden was the only one easy to capture and get photos with!


He missed his morning nap so we had to entertain him toward the end because he was tired!

Camden has to do everything that his older brother and sister do.
That evening we went down to the pond for some fishing... AKA Dad's fishing, kids running, Mom taking photos and keeping Camden from falling in! When the Dad's got a fish on then the kids would reel it in.

He makes the funniest faces!
The first catch of the night! Tiana was the only one of the kids that would hold the fish!

It's a Zoo!

Last week we decided to head to the zoo after Keaton's preschool orientation for out first and last visit of the summer! We will be going to the Portland Zoo in a week and a half but had to take advantage of good weather and half price day! The kids loved it. Camden even liked it since all the animals are in cages!
My timid little girl who is so shy with PEOPLE will walk right up to the snake with no hesitation! Yuck! This mommy doesn't quite get it!
Climbing on the animals.
Our littlest boy is quite timid also. These animals were too close to being real for him.... SCARY!

Kason joined up with us for lunch and then the other half of the zoo.
My little turtles!

They were washing out the penguin area so the water was drained. It was funny to see them walking around everywhere.