Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This girl....

This little girl, while she is quite adorable, she is also the biggest mess maker.  She reminds me of Gretal..... leaving a train of bread crumbs, (or in her case, toys) from room to room.
She was in her room all of a couple of minutes and this is what I find.... it WAS clean, bed made, etc, then Tiana came along looking for something I guess!

And she walks off.... and this mess spreads from her room... to the living room... to the bathroom... you get the picture!

I took a few photos of her this evening for a lady that makes her hair clips!

She is a cutie but man oh man do I get tired of telling her to clean up her stuff!!!!!!


Cassie said...

My girls are the same way. You should see the photo I took this week ;) Pretty similar!