Monday, May 30, 2011

What is on my mind

Everything just seems a little trivial today with the heartache of those close to me.  Tears are flowing as I think of those left behind dealing with the tragedy.  I can't even imagine having to tell one of my kids that one of their cousins and best friends is gone, however that is what Davina is having to do today!
As we leave on vacation we are all excited but holding our kids just a little big closer, not taking for granted any moment that we have with them.  We are giving them those hugs and kisses that they don't think they want and telling them over and over again how loved they are.
I am so thankful that I have a Heavenly Father that directs MY steps that I may be a help to my children... I never want to forget my responsibility in their salvation!

Prayers are going up for this family, that they may find peace and comfort in this difficult time.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last week we went over to Weiser to do some photos of Remington.  Remington and Camden are so cute together right now.  They are about the same size and they love to hug and talk to each other, so we had to do some photos of the two of them.
Remington had quite the load!

Nice look Tiana, Nice!

Cool dudes!

Click to enlarge!

I then did a few of just Camden since he wasn't real cooperative when we did family photos in the orchard and I loved this urban setting!


I have my first niece!  Baby Stella was born yesterday so we went to see her in the hospital!
Tiana LOVES babies and didn't leave her side the entire time we were there.

All the kids except Camden who wanted NOTHING to do with the baby!  We would ask if he wanted to see her... NO he wanted mema (Grandma)!

Kisses from big brother Kason.

Pacifier Update

A couple weeks ago we took away Camden's pacifier.  We cut off the ends of them and told him that the fishy ate it.  He was FURIOUS!!!  He screamed and cried for 3 hours the first night!!!!  About half way through the crying Keaton came out and said, "I can't sleep, I am scared!"  We asked him what was so scary and he said "The fish... it came in and ate his plug... what if it does it again!  What else will it eat!"  We got a good laugh out if it and told him a little secret that Mommy used the scissors that the fish did NOT eat it really!  Poor kid!  After the first couple nights Camden did great and he now only asks for it if he gets hurt really bad and all it takes is a little reminder that they are broken.  In fact we always ask him what happened to them.  He will say "Pug broken, fishy eat it!"  He did have to chew out the fish quite a bit after the fact!  Such a relief to have that gone though!

Swimming Lessons

For the last month the kids had swimming lessons two days a week.  Keaton did great jumping right back to where he was last year and improved some more.  His teacher said that now if he jumps into the pool where it is over his head he can swim back to the side safely!!!  Tiana made MAJOR improvement.  When we started she wouldn't go under water and now she is always under!  She can float on her back by herself and loved her teacher and lessons.

One day they had the fountains on so after Tiana's lesson, her and Camden played while Keaton had his lesson.

Keaton getting some help doing the back stroke.

I got my canvas in and I love it above the fireplace!

 Keaton had his last day of preschool this last week.  They combined the morning and afternoon classes for one big party.  I just loved his teacher, she is amazing and we are so glad that she gets to teach Tiana next year!

Keaton and Mrs. Krause