Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Island Days 1-3

We had the amazing privilege of spending 3 weeks on the Big Island Hawaii!!!  Nana and Papa are building a dairy over there so they have a long term rental that we could stay at.  The kids and I headed over a week before Daddy so that they could get used to the 4 hour time change before he came!  They did wonderful changing time zones and were SO excited to get to the beach!  Camden was a little scared of the airplane but ended up doing good.  The first little bump we went over on take off though, he let out a loud scream!  I had to switch him over to sit by me and after about a half and hour he said, "Ok, Mama that's enough flying, lets go down now!"
So cute with their bags!

Killing time since our plane was LATE!!!  I did make these pants for her though to wear on the plane!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!


Papa knows his way into this little girls heart!

As soon as we got to Nana and Papa's Hawaii home we had to take a swim!

This photo makes me laugh!

The first few days were spent getting groceries and settled but we stopped at the turtle beach to get some energy out in the middle of shopping.

Sunbathing turtle... what looks like a white rock to the side of Keaton.

All the kids by the turtle in the tide pool.  The tide was REALLY low so the turtles were mainly in the tide pools or on the rocks.

She found a tiny dried up little crab!

They are so cute when they are asleep.... poor kiddo was so worn out!  Sleeping shirtless... adorable!!
 That evening we headed to Beach 69 to play.  This is one of our favorite beaches so you will see lots of photos from here!

Uncle Derek was here and wow it is awesome to have an Uncle around!!

Keaton LOVES the beach.  From the moment we got to a beach to the moment we left he would be in the water.  Rolling around in the waves!

White sand beach!!  This beach was BEAUTIFUL!!!

What do you know, Mommy can build a sand castle!

Even bubbles are cooler in Hawaii!  I couldn't believe it when I looked out at them doing bubbles... it looked like they were glowing!  When I got closer I discovered that you could see shadows of palm trees in them!

Poor little thing, she was SO sick the first few days!  Thankfully we could just call her asthma doctor and they put her on antibiotics.  She basically acted normal as long as she was on prednisone, as soon as her prednisone wore off she looked like this!  After 4 days of prednisone 3 times a day and no improvement with her asthma the doctor just called in an antibiotic! Usually, I really dislike it when she is on prednisone since she gets SOOOOO hyper!  You know she is sick when it just brings her up to normal!!  
Wednesday we went down to the market to get some fruit!

She got to pick out flowers which just brightened her day!

Cute kids ready for Wednesday night meeting!

Hey, I get smiles if I let them do this afterward.... you will see lots of these photos!!  I say, whatever works!

Hang in there, this trip may take me a while to post... lots of photos and not much time to edit!