Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swimming Lessons

For the last month the kids had swimming lessons two days a week.  Keaton did great jumping right back to where he was last year and improved some more.  His teacher said that now if he jumps into the pool where it is over his head he can swim back to the side safely!!!  Tiana made MAJOR improvement.  When we started she wouldn't go under water and now she is always under!  She can float on her back by herself and loved her teacher and lessons.

One day they had the fountains on so after Tiana's lesson, her and Camden played while Keaton had his lesson.

Keaton getting some help doing the back stroke.

I got my canvas in and I love it above the fireplace!

 Keaton had his last day of preschool this last week.  They combined the morning and afternoon classes for one big party.  I just loved his teacher, she is amazing and we are so glad that she gets to teach Tiana next year!

Keaton and Mrs. Krause