Saturday, September 28, 2013

Favorite Dress

This is my favorite dress pattern hands down!!  Burlap Button just added sleeves (TummyTopper Tee) to her CharlieMackADoodle dress and the result is a prefect all season dress.  This is the type of dress that Tiana lives in, knit, comfy yet cute.  I got to test the sleeves out and I whipped out a few dresses.  Here is the link to both patterns:
 We had lots of fun with this shoot down at the warehouse with Daddy's guitar case!!

I also made a coordinating one for Tiana and Stella.  I made leggings to go with Tiana's as well.

Can't you see why we will have a closet full of these!?!

Friday, September 27, 2013

House: Dirt Moving, Basement Floor

The dirt moving is done (well except for the back where the patio is going) and the basement floor has been pored!  Now we are awaiting the arrival of lumber!!


Panoramic standing in front of Keaton's bedroom.

Our view!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boise State and Kittens

School has been keeping us busy... well that and lots of worker company which we have LOVED!!!!
Cousins are the best!!
 We got some new little kittens... yes some... we ended up getting 3.  One is REALLY shy so we had to get this little cutie a playmate... hence why we ended up with 3!
This is Skippy!

This is VERY shy and timid Kona.
 We went up to New Meadows to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend! 
New Boise State dress I made using Burlap Button CharlieMackaDoodle dress... which I love by the way!
 Of course Boise State games are in full swing!  The kids love going to every game and so do we!

Something tells me that this tooth was MORE than ready to come out!!
 After Labor Day Camden started preschool!!!  He loves it and he keeps the teacher and class quite entertained! 

Down another tooth!!!

Camden is so cute practicing writing his name!!! 

Keaton's First Backpacking Trip

The week before school started Daddy took Keaton on his first backpacking trip!  Keaton did GREAT and surprised everyone, the hike was really hard but he kept up without complaining!  It was a highlight of his summer.

Their camp was set up on the far right side of this photo.

Grandpa and Grandma came up for part of it!

Keaton got to ride out part of the way on the 4-wheeler.