Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun at home

My latest project... burp rags. I have some that are handmade and I love them so I got some flannel and here they are!
Nana came and watched Keaton so that I could nap yesterday after a REALLY long night! They made cookies. He kept taking the ingredients out of the bowl and sampling them.

Of course he got to lick the spoon.
Singing to and rocking Sissy.
Tiana had her first big real smiles today! Of course there have been lots of the accidental smiles while half asleep. This one however was a wide awake grin! And as Mommy predicted it was at Keaton! He was jabbering away at her and squealing and she just kept looking at him and smiling away! I love how our kids have such a deep love for each other already.

4 years ago...

...was our wedding day! We have had four WONDERFUL years and are looking forward to many many more!

This weekend we will be leaving the kids with Nana and Papa for the night!!! Yes, you read that right! They get both kids on Friday afternoon and we will go get them on Saturday sometime! We are very much looking forward to a little time just the two of us. We hope the kids sleep alright and are well behaved so that Nana and Papa won't mind doing it again sometime!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby Showers and More

This week was a whirlwind of baby showers finished off by a weekend with family! It was WONDERFUL! We hadn't ever had the experience of a baby shower because of the circumstances around Keaton's adoption so this was a first! It was lots of fun and thank you all who were involved!
Kissing cousins! Keaton and Cora had a great time playing.
Aunna's mom was smart and brought toys... which she was very good at sharing.... which was a good thing because you can see them closing in on her!
Me and my boy.... of course I have no photos of me and my girl because she was getting admired by everyone!
Aunna was getting some practice in for her own little baby sister or brother!
Tiana's great great adopted Grandma Jerry! She has always been just like a great grandma to us kids. She just turned 98!
Keaton made quite the discovery this weekend.... great grandparents and great aunts and uncles are pushovers when it comes to little kids! He got Great Grandma V outside to play basketball with him... when she got tired Great Great Uncle Dean got persuaded!
Daddy and his little girl! She is holding her head up SOOO good, we just had to take some photos.
Like father like daughter.
Grandpa got out the 4-wheeler and gave Keaton a ride.... a never ending ride! This photo was taken when he wasn't sure about it and didn't dare move to say hi or smile! We had to drag him off much to his dismay... it is amazing Grandpa didn't run out of gas for the thing!
Yawn... Rook is boring!
Keaton discovered watermelon again! He ate two big pieces when we finally stopped him!
We had to take it away once he started eating the green too!
Grandma and her girl!
A few new things Keaton is doing:
He recognized Auntie "Krikle" (Krystal) and Uncle "Codd" (Todd) from photos on our computer. He likes to point out who is in every photo and say their names! He would say Mommy, Daddy Sissy and then nothing for himself. So I kept telling him "That is Keaton". Now every time he sees himself in the mirror or in photos he exclaims "Keaon!!".
He has been raising his hand for children's questions in gospel meeting now for a while! He also will repeat the answers when he hears them... for example: Who is Jesus' heavenly father? He will say "God yeah God" after he hears the answer! It is so cute! He is also singing now, in the car, in meeting, along with the books of the bible... etc.
He has to help prepare Tiana's "baba" (bottle). He is the designated shaker!
He has also figured out how to screw and unscrew lids and that is a current fascination if the fridge is left open to long.
He also has a knack for calming down Sissy. If she gets worked up for whatever reason all I have to do is get him to come over to her and work his magic. He hugs and kisses her and coos and says "sissy" and she just sits their quietly soaking it all up.
He jabbers all of the time and expects you to understand! Driving down the road he says everything that he recognizes.
Lastly, when I give him some water I sometimes flavor it with just a touch of lemonade... adding hardly any flavor but enough that he get REALLY excited. Anything with any flavor besides milk is "pop".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too Cute

Keaton helping Sissy play with her toy.
She is a lot more alert now and loves to be able to look at toys or lights.
Bath time!
Keaton helping Sissy when she is crying. He seems to think that his ball will make everything all better.
And the photo that earned the title of this post!

Family Photos

2 week photo shoot

And here they are...