Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We headed down to Reno with my family.  We had a great little break from being cooped up in the house.  Tiana started running a fever last week and so our doctor just put her on high powered antibiotics to fight whatever infection she must have had from her Asthma.  It did the trick, she was doing much better within about 48 hours.  I started the week out with a sinus infection also so we spent the week recuperating!!!  We didn't take to many photos since we were pretty lazy most of the time.
Tiana all cute on Thanksgiving day!  She is so cute in her hats and she loves them.

Exploring outside all bundled up cute!  He played a little bit in the snow that was left over at my sister in law, Kyla's parents house.

Hanging out watching football with Uncle Derek.

Playing with Auntie Kyla's phone under Uncle Mark's supervision!

Uncle Ryan and Keaton take a quick second break from being goofy.

Auntie Kyla and Tiana made Rice Krispie Treats.

Camden had fun going up to everyone and showing them his all gone hand!  Then popping it back out of his sleeve.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Time

Cough Cough, Sneeze Sneeze, Groan!!  That is what we are hearing a lot of around here today as we are now ALL sick!  We are spending a lazy day hoping to recover.  Tiana is bouncing around with WAY too much energy from the Prednisone as well as her Albuterol!  YIKES!
Had to take a photo... Keaton BARELY fits under the overhang on our counter now.  Soon, very soon, he is going to cream his head on it as he cuts the corner!
Playing with "hats" while Keaton is at Preschool!

YAY for a new mask so that her nebulizer treatments are now hands free.  This is very very exciting when she has to have 6 treatments a day and this Mommy has three kids!
We had to miss the Bronco game again this week because of sickness so these two and Mommy decided to make the most of it.  We made cookies and popcorn and had juice while watching the game!
Being home today with nothing to do made me finish the last of the boys' shirts!  These are a reverse applique technique.

Camden's bear.

Cars of course, another boy thing!
I had some fun with Keaton's adding some shading after I was done.  After they are washed the fraying will get a bit more messy which I will like better.

Camden LOVED his shirt and wanted to put in on as soon as he saw it.  He was excited to see an "apane" (airplane) and a "bbbrrrrrmm brrrmm" (aka car!).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Boutique Shoot

I have been working with Libby Loo's Boutique lately taking photos of her products for advertisement.  We got a new batch in this last week of hair accessories and a tutu and so we headed over to my studio with Tiana... my favorite adorable model... for a photo shoot.  These are fun low stress shoots for her because while I need specific photos she doesn't have to be looking at the camera in every one!  She was quite cooperative though with the promise of Halloween candy at the end of it!  Plus she was SO excited to get to keep the tutu! 
Poor girl has been fighting her Asthma again bad and we spend the afternoon at Quick Care.  We have an appointment with her doctor on Monday and then will get a referral to a pediatrician that specializes in Asthma treatment.  We did a little survey at the doctor today and if the scores is 19 or less basically the asthma is not being treated at home as well as it should be... we scored 10 so yeah we need HELP!  Poor little girl is miserable!  She coughed for 5 hours straight.... we are talking not more than literally about a minute without coughing!  We have her on prednisone now which seems to be helping a little bit which is good.  I just hope we can get some help for treating her at home.  We have strict doctor orders that if she gets bad again we have to be in the ER!  So let's cross our fingers that prednisone will get us through this one, she wouldn't do well with a hospital stay.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend sewing!

I had a wonderful weekend crafting all day long, I made 7 shirts... well 8 if you count Kason's shirt that I made on Thursday night!  Last year I got a whole stack of long sleeved shirts for both of my boys when they were on the clearance rack for $2 and under (a couple were $.98!!!!) at Old Navy.  I knew that I would come up with something to jazz them up! 
I happened to ask Keaton if he would want a robot shirt since I saw a cute one here (which by the way has amazing boy ideas).  He was so excited and told me he wanted a blue robot and then he chose Orange for the arms.  He was quite proud of his shirt and told everyone about it at Preschool!  I made a "matching" one for Camden.  I actually have a bib that has robots all over it and I looked at one on the bib that I liked for his.  I love that they coordinate but aren't the same!

Here is Keaton's.  I added some messing stitching along the shoulders.  He loves the eyes that "My Daddy found" he tells everyone!
Camden's shirt. I used floss around the sleeves and a little patch on the bottom... as well as the buttons on the cute little guy!  I decided not to put washers on his for eyes... besides the fact that this little guy is small, I knew that Camden would just pull on them all the time.  You know choking hazard and all, figured it wasn't a great idea!
Now here are a bunch of monkeys... aren't they going to look cute on my little monkeys!  My mom has some flannel that is sock monkey (adorable by the way) that she is going to make pajama pants for the kids out of.  So I decided to make matching pajama shirts for the pants that are coming soon.  I wanted to get these done even though the pj pants aren't done yet because Kason is having his second birthday soon and his theme is sock monkey.... these make perfect party shirts!  Besides I had bought the socks to make Kason a shirt and had leftovers to make my kids some too!

Mr. Monkey with a knit pom-pom.

Miss Monkey with a knit flower of course!

I also made these shirts.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I love it when I get an idea and it turns out even better than planned!  There is NO way that these shirts look homemade at all (not that it is a bad thing if they do).  I just love how it looks like I could have bought them at Gap!  I used an old dark grey t-shirt of mine and freeze paper stenciled the three guitars on.  I then used a thick stitch and red thread to stitch it on the shirt.
Did I mention I am in LOVE with these shirts?!??
Love this big boy too! (btw we think he has a mild case of Bells Palsy again.... either that or when he is going through a growth spurt, which he has been, we see some muscle weakness on one side... not sure but either way it isn't near as bad this time which is good news)  Also, not sure why his hair looks like I cut the front crooked... I really didn't but in this photo it looks like I gave him a bad haircut, must be those crazy curls!!

Here is Kason's shirt.  I used the socks to make long sleeves on his shirt.  I decided it was to much work for my kids to just wear as pajamas!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blue and Orange

We enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day outside today watching an amazing Boise State game!
Papa and Nana showing the kids the jets overhead!
Papa and Nana with their grandkids!

When everyone went down to get snacks Camden enjoyed a seat all to himself!

He was having fun saying "hi" to the camera with no one behind it.

Tiana leaned right out of this photo but it was cute of Camden and Daddy.

There is her cuteness!

Keaton with his crazy hair and his clappers, loving the game!

My amazing little family!