Friday, January 25, 2013

Tooth Fairy Visit

 We had our first lost tooth! The new tooth was coming in behind the baby tooth so it wasn't dissolving all the root. She bit into something a week or so ago and it really started it getting looser! After Wednesday night meeting Nana pulled it!  She was so funny and excited about the tooth fairy! On the way home she said, "hmmmm that's weird, my spit just runs right out the hole!"

She wanted us to make sure that we told the tooth fairy the following:
  1. Dear Tooth Fairy:
    Tiana wants us to tell you that she knows LOTS about fairies. She knows that you use pixie dust to fly! She wants to know though, how big you are? Tiana also wanted you to know that you can come right into her room. Her tooth is in the pocket of the tooth fairy pillow hanging on your door. She was very concerned that you wouldn't be able to find it. She also wanted us to tell you that she is going to try really hard to keep her eyes closed!
    Thank you,
    Tiana's Laughing Parents!

Showing off her tooth!

Tooth Fairy pillow that I made!
The kids were convinced that the Tooth Fairy brought money and candy! We wrote her a little note "from" the tooth fairy, complete with "pixie dust" aka glitter!  She was SO excited that the tooth fairy left her a little wand!
Keaton has actually been a great sport. He was telling her earlier that he was "Not Impressed with her ONE tooth... his friends had lost LOTS of teeth!" He told her exactly how many teeth Damion and Jace had lost!
You can see the tooth coming up behind it!

She ran out after her nap yesterday and exclaimed, "MOM, look, my tooth is STILL gone!"
She has since discovered that her other bottom tooth is just starting to get loose too!  She is SO excited for the tooth fairy to come again that this tooth just may fall out a bit faster!

New Meadows with Friends

We enjoyed an interesting weekend away with Mark and Kyla and Erin and Jon!  We got up to New Meadows to discover NO WATER!  We carted water down from the upper house and melted snow to get by all weekend, while trying to thaw out the pipes and well. Right before we left we got it working... turns out it was an electrical problem with the pump in the well!  Oh well, it made it an adventure! 
Adorable little Miss Maddie!

Goofy Uncle Mark.

Awww, how cute!

Camden was NOT a fan of the disc sled!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Special Meeting Skirt

I had this skirt cut out well before I hurt my ankle... it was staring at me while I couldn't sew!  Needless to say, I was very excited to get this all sewn up!
Fabric: Lily Belle
Pattern: O+S Badminton

New Years

We spent New Years day at Grandma and Grandpa's house, playing outside on the frozen pond and sledding!
Grandpa giving sledding rides.

How typical, the boys played hockey while Tiana figure skated!

Goofy kid trying to get warm!

 We had the privilege of having June and Sierra stay with us for a couple nights!  We had so much fun playing games and getting to know them better!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in New Meadows

We spend a week in New Meadows, we did nothing but play in the snow and relax... it was PERFECT!  Keaton had a nasty flu bug with a fever for lots of days so he missed the last couple days of school and spent most of the time up there simply getting better!  The relaxation did wonders for my ankle which was much needed!  Beware, lots of snow photos!
Camden and Tiana made Frosty the snowman with Daddy!

The look Camden has as he throws a snowball at you!

Tiana helping Camden over the fence...
Thank goodness it was a soft landing and they were both laughing!

Izzy loved the snow, she bounced through it chasing the kids, and got covered in snow!

Camden would always say, "I got a surprise for you!"  Just as he threw snow at you!

RUNNING up and down the drive way!

 Snowball fight with Daddy!

Camden had lots of fun throwing snow up in the air and having it come back down all over him!

Anytime anyone looked like they were going to throw a snowball at Camden he dropped down and became a  "turtle".  So cute!

 Nana and Papa got the kids their very own Bible and they each got something from Hawaii!  Tiana loves her mermaid doll!

Spoiled kids!  Uncle Derek got them a playmobil or lego set too!
 Out come the sleds!  Racing was serious business!  They had to take turns with Camden because whoever had him in the sled with them went the fastest!  Crashing with lots of fun too.  I of course had to be very careful with my ankle so I just got to stand back and watch.  I loved all the laughter that was heard.  It was so nice to have them all have so much fun in the snow!  This was the first year that all the kids could run in their boots, didn't cry when snow got on them, and they didn't complain about being cold.  I suppose them growing up fast isn't all bad!

Izzy got lots of energy out running behind the sleds!

Tiana dancing in the sled!

The victory run up the hill!

The boys helped me sprinkle cookies!  They had so much fun!

We finally got smart and had them carry their own sleds back up the hill!

How many can fit on a sled? Tiana is hanging on the back! 

Kinda like having your head in the sand... only in the snow!

Keaton wrote this and then handed it to us.  We later realized that it said "Keaton is a Cat"  his first sentence written out!  We asked him what it said and he started laughing and proved that he did know what he wrote!
 After we got back we headed to the Aquarium here!  We had never been before but we got a killer deal on a family pass for the year!  The kids loved it.  You can touch just about everything which Tiana loved.  We couldn't get Keaton to touch anything of course!  The rays and the sharks were lots of fun to be able to touch!

Lion Fish!