Monday, February 24, 2014

White Face Monkeys

We went on a boat tour today and got to see white faced monkeys! We have lots of photos to sort through but wanted to post a video today for the kids to see!

A very special Sunday

We had an amazing privilege on Sunday to meet with the workers here as well as the little meeting in Liberia.  Claudio and Tina have the meeting in their home and there are 10 that attend.  There were 10 visitors this time so the meeting was quite large.  Claudio interpreted very well for all of us.  There was a family here from New York as well as the Nelson's that we have known for a long time! Claudio and Tina invited us all to stay for lunch and we had a wonderful meal!
Another photo of these Costa Rican Raccoons.  I wouldn't want to cross one of these, they have HUGE teeth and we heard a few fighting tonight.... YIKES!

Claudio and Tina's front yard.

Tina in the front with the workers Brenda and her companion Eldi behind.

Mario making a volcano!

Claudio and Tina.

All of the kids that were there!

Claudio, Tina, the workers and their kids.  Claudio Jr (15) and Mario and Melidia (9).

All of us that stayed for lunch.  It was a very special time that we will never forget!

On the way home We got to show Nana and Papa monkeys for the first time!  Papa got them to howl at him, he also got the turkeys and dogs going too!
Papa, just another monkey!

Guess how many more days left now?  2!!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beach Adventure

We ventured out in the morning to try to find a beach that we were told was a favorite of the hotel owners at our last hotel.  To get to beaches here we were told that we had to have 4 wheel drive, so we waited extra days for a SUV just so we could have that.  Good thing we did because they weren't joking!  There aren't just nice roads to the beaches here.  You have to really know where you are going to even FIND them!

Case and point as to why you MUST have 4 wheel drive!  These guys were SO stuck!!  This was after they got them out of the major hole.

I wouldn't say that they have the prettiest beaches here but for a Saturday to find a deserted beach... that's good!

The good part of the road to the beach.

This was the tough part... a stretch of deep soft sand that was a bit tricky to make it through!

You just drive across the beach here to get to the next part of road (road is a very loose term for what you follow).

The prettiest bird we have seen yet....

These are all over the property.  They are like a raccoon and can be feisty so stay away.

This is the first evening that we have had clouds so it made for a pretty sunset!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Last day in Tamarindo

We finally took a quick photo of our pool area.  We loved our hotel and if we ever come back we will for sure stay here again!  We fully recommend the Tamarindo Bay Boutique Hotel, the owners were SO helpful and friendly.

We drove south to two different beaches today.

This dog sat down with a coconut and took it apart to eat the meat!

Fishing for bait fish.

5 days left!

Hi Kids!!!!  Miss you!!

We got all checked in and moved to the Westin in Playa Conchal and Nana and Papa get here tomorrow!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monkey Crossing

Day 3!

We have been trying to get a car for a few days now and this afternoon we FINALLY had success!!  We spent the morning laying around the pool waiting to call the rental car place at 2 to see if they had any cars returned!  We went out to lunch at Taco Verde... yummy fish and shrimp tacos!  You can sit in swings to eat!  So cool!

Walking back from lunch we noticed a big group of monkeys!!  There were at least 10 of them and quite a few were very small.  One was just venturing off his Moms back and she was helping it learn to climb, catching him when he would slip!  It was amazing!
This guy was sound asleep!
Hanging by his tail eating... that is how we do things around here!
There are 6 monkeys in this photo!!!  One is on his moms back.

One of the Mommy and babies crossing over the road.
Mommy and baby!
We then drove north to Flamingo beach where we spent a couple hours relaxing. This was a much prettier beach.

The splashes a little bit out were millions of tiny fish and bigger fish chasing them.

We found a muscle.

Birds feeding on the fish.

There were also guys all along the beach line fishing by hand.  We watched them the entire time and saw them catch quite a bit!  On the way out we saw one had caught a Crevalle that was about 3 feet long!