Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Keaton

It is official, we have a SIX year old now!  As Tiana said, "What are we going to do with a SIX year old in the house!?"  I just can't say enough how lucky we are to have Keaton.  He is such a good kid, he has a kind heart, he loves school and is VERY loving.  If all my kids are going to be as easy as he is when they are this age... then I can't WAIT!  He is such a good helper and will always help without complaint.  He loves having a clean room and is an expert toy picker-upper!  He still loves his Cars and his Leapster Leappad.  He is very good at math and is loving to learn how to read!  How can it be that we have been parents for SIX years and HOW did we get so lucky to be able to call Keaton our son?  Every year on his birthday I tend to get very emotional because I feel like WE are the lucky ones, WE got the greatest gift. We love you Keaton SO SO much... or as you used to say we love you "big much"!  Thank you for bringing us so much joy!  These days were your days but we all celebrated... we celebrated having YOU.
Keaton wanted a bear and fish party... and was VERY set on that.  I asked him to choose one... bear or fish... NOPE he wanted both and there was no changing his mind.  Our compromise was that the bear would be in the form of cupcakes instead of a separate cake!  Daddy frosted the cupcakes and they turned out SO cute.

On the actual birthday morning Daddy made bear pancakes!

Happy Birthday Bug, we can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch with Tiana's PreK class!  Keaton was in school so it we will have to go again this week!

Rylee and Payton, her two best friends from PreK.  This is their second year together and we all carpool!

Lots more sewing!

I am sure you are getting tired of my sewing posts but I have a few more things to share!  I have set out to make most of Tiana's winter wardrobe!  It is quite satisfying to look in her closet and see mostly Mommy made... even more rewarding though is the fact that she chooses to wear what I make over anything else!
 When I saw this horse applique I had to order it for my horse loving little girl.  The lady sent it to me all ready to cut out and sew onto a dress.  I designed the dress around fabric that I already had.  She LOVES this dress!  I used the LBB Sienna dress pattern for the bodice and just winged it for the bottom.

 I made a few t-shirts for the boys!!  Camden has been wanting a fly shirt!  This was my first time layering heat transfer vinyl.  Easy... but there was a learning curve and it took some time!

Globe shirt!

This fish shirt was supposed to be his birthday shirt but it is a bit too big for right now!  Again this was layering vinyl and this one was quite the job to do!!!

Glitter vinyl birdy!  Love glitter vinyl now!

Flannel shirt made from the Little Lisette pattern.  I like it but I would change the back closer next time.  The fit is cute though.  The ruffle pants are jegging material... So comfy!!

Velour dress... made for everyday wear... until I saw how dressy it was!  Yay for a winter Sunday outfit!
Pattern: Elke dress

Pattern: Oliver+S Tea Party Sundress
This one is out of fine wale corduroy   I have always loved this pattern for a winter jumper!  I made the biggest size this time though so next time I will have to try sizing it up!

Boise State

You will have to excuse the cell phone photos.  It is the easiest way to take photos at the games! We have been enjoying the Boise State games this year, as per normal.  The kids have done great, they are old enough we actually get to watch the games!
Waiting to get his face painted!

Enjoying snuggles with his puppy!