Sunday, September 28, 2008

Almost 2 and 5 months

We have been getting ready for the big 2 year party here in a couple of weeks! My mom is taking Keaton for the day tomorrow so that I can go get his party things without his "help"! He also went to see Nana for a couple of hours on Friday so I could get the house cleaned and their fall clothes all out and washed. I got Keaton's all done and this week I have to work on Sissy's. Keaton loves the visit and I enjoy being able to get a little more done. It is amazing the difference between one and two children. I get so used to it that I forget. During our time just Sis and I we went out on the front porch and snapped a few photos.

This is the smile that you see most often through out the day. She always has her tongue out.
And here is our big boy. We took just a few photos of him to go in with his little invitations! We are having a sports party since he LOVES balls and all sports. His invitations turned out SO cute.

Taking his actual two year photos are going to be QUITE interesting this year! More of a chase and snap quick than a pose and look perfect I am afraid! We better slit up the family session and his so he doesn't get to burned out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Storms and Smiles

This is what hit us on Saturday afternoon! We got hail the size of marbles and lots of rain. We still had piles of hail Sunday afternoon in our yard. We had water flowing down the street in front of our house. Unfortunately, my flowers didn't make it through very well. Our flowerbeds are trashed!

Such a happy girl! She loves playing with her toys.
I had to go searching for Keaton yesterday because he was just too quiet. Much to my surprise he had found himself a little reading nook!

Watching Daddy and brother play.

Also, I had a few people ask what pattern the jumper was from. It is the Oliver and S Teaparty sundress from their Spring and Summer line. It was fairly fast and easy... I just LOVE the results.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Project Number 1

Here is Tiana's little jumper! I love this pattern, it looks so cute on her. I will take a photo of her as soon as she is feeling better. She got another cold so she has been not a real happy camper lately.
I love the way the hem is... the contrasting fabric on the inside is so cute.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 Month photos

I just realized that among the posts that I was behind on fell her 4 month photos. Needless to say these were taken almost 2 weeks ago now and have been sitting in a folder ready to post!
So enjoy:

A new smile!

The Excuse

Here is my excuse for being such a bad blogger!
Who can resist this gorgeous fabric. I know I can't. I have a whole list of projects, a few of which are birthday presents. And of course the others are for my beautiful daughter. One little project is almost done. I was able to whip it out today, I just need to add buttons and hem it! Hopefully I will be able to add photos tomorrow.

Catching up

This past week in photos:
Keaton was playing outside when I heard this little knock knock. I opened the door and he said "Mommy flowers". Never mind the fact that he picked them (which he isn't supposed to do) off my lavender clump! It was so cute and sweet. He was so proud of himself.

Sissy loves her exersaucer. She plays with all of the toys and turns completely around. She is always trying to get that toy into her mouth. It doesn't reach but it sure provides many a moment of entertainment.
And another BSU game.

Her eye lashes are beautiful.
Keaton LOVES football games. He held his little hands up and just clapped away.
Taking a break for popcorn every now and again.
He was watching people cup their hands around their mouth to yell louder so the was his version of the same!

We got out the little bath seat for Tiana. Both kids just love it.


Keaton can whistle much to Nana's surprise since she still can't do it! He will walk around the house just whistling away. He has been doing this for a few months now but I keep forgetting to mention it.
Keaton figured out how to open doors today! We have been avoiding teaching him so that we wouldn't have to worry about him going outside without us knowing. We will be keeping the doors locked from now on! The pantry however was quite interesting today.
Tiana is rolling over and has been for about a week now. She will mainly just do tummy to back but she will go both ways in her crib. I don't know why she won't do it all the time but I am sure it will come.
Tiana has also found her voice. She loves to hear herself make all sorts of little high pitched noises. It is really quite girly and adorable! We will try to get a video soon.
Tiana has also started teething! If you get to close she will ATTACK your chin.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So we have done it. As of last night Elmo "ate" ALL of Keaton's pacifiers! Maybe it was because of the rough day I had yesterday, or the fact that he wants to go take a nap, only to take everything off any shelf within reach and make a general mess of his room simply because he wants his pacifier not a nap. So the mom had it!!! After cleaning up his room 4 times yesterday and finally giving up I took the pacifier away, called daddy and said NO MORE!
When I was about Keaton's age my parents told me that Sabrina (the cat) ate my plug and it worked. I still loved the cat but I didn't need my pacifier. The toad and the fish also came into play with my brothers. When thinking about what we were going to do come nighttime my mom had a WONDERFUL idea. Keaton has this fascination with Elmo which is rather harmless, however quite annoying at times. Which worked perfect because if he likes Elmo a little less it will hurt nobodies feelings around this household! So he has a stuffed Elmo that we put in the container where his pacifier usually hangs out. He got out of his bath last night and was immediately curious what Elmo was doing. When we told him what we thought happened he looked at us like have you completely lost it?? Then came brilliant idea number 2. We shook Elmo only to realize that he has a rattle inside.... you could even hear his pacifiers rattling around! That got his attention.
We had to lay with him to go to sleep and he woke up once for quite a while in the middle of the night. Needless to say, he still slept great and has taken a good nap. He is a little put out at Elmo today and he keeps saying that Elmo is in trouble! But beyond that.... we are officially

Monday, September 8, 2008


This morning there was a little sliver in Keaton's hand. I got it out very easily but he declared that it "Owie need annaid" so we got out the band-aids and fixed him up. He thought this was quite neat. About 10 minutes later Tiana started fussing and he ran up to me and said "Sissy rying (crying)" then he stopped and thought for a second and declared "Sissy need annaid". They apparently fix everything.
We then called Nana to tell her about the story. Keaton got on the phone and held it down and held his hand right up to the phone to show her! He knows that Mom's and Nana's can see everything even through the phone!

Art in the Park

Practice makes perfect! The other day I told my mom that Tiana wasn't even TRYING to sit up yet and just as I said that I sat her on the bed and she sat there for a couple minutes just fine! Needless to say she has done great and loves to practice her balance.

We went to Art in the Park with Nana and Papa. If you ask Keaton I am sure that he would say it was dogs in the park. He didn't close his eyes at all for fear of missing a dog or two passing by.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent outside enjoying the nice weather. After getting home and giving baths they always look so cute in their towels so we got creative for a little family photo! Keaton was very impressed with the whole thing!