Friday, May 13, 2011

And she's off!

Tiana got a big bike for her birthday and we really didn't have high hopes of her being able to ride it any time soon.  It just so happened that while we were watching Craigslist for a good bike for Keaton, one for Tiana showed up also.  Yesterday I took the kids to the park.... note to self.... do NOT take the kids to the park on Thursdays.  They mow the lawn with a huge tractor lawn mower and Camden is TERRIFIED of it!  He won't even go outside our house when he can hear a lawn mower running anywhere in the neighborhood. That could get old really fast so Benji is going to start mowing with him in the Kelty backpack and see if that helps.  Anyways, back to my story, I told the kids that we could go on a bike ride instead.  Well of course Tiana wanted to ride her big bike, I just figured that it was going to be a little frustrating with a stroller, Keaton who cruises and a little girl that gets mad because she can't pedal yet.  Ummm yeah, this Mommy was way off!  She just took off riding like she has being riding forever!  That being said... she doesn't really steer well.... or at all!  She is so busy watching her feet that she forgets where she is going!  She took out a mailbox, ran into a parked pickup, and ran off the curb 6-8 times... 3 of which resulted in a somewhat big crash!  1 skinned elbow and NO tears later she hops back on and declares "I LOVE my new purple bike Mommy!".  I was SO proud of her!!!  So of course right after dinner we had to show Daddy how good she was.  She keeps right up with Keaton (in fact if Keaton goes too slow she runs into him!) and talks the ENTIRE time.  "Hurry up Mommy, you are going to slow." "Keep up Mommy"  "I am going SO fast" "I love my purple bike" "See me ride Camden" etc etc etc.  By the evening she actually was doing good steering too... we have to keep a close eye and remind her to watch where she is going if she gets distracted by kids, a bird, sprinklers, dancing... and the list goes on!

Camden gets excited to ride in the front of the (double) jogging stroller!  "Weeeee" he says  "Faster Mommy"  He had to try on Tiana's helmet though after we got home!

Nice hat buddy!

Yes, we think you are funny too!
On a side note when I picked up Keaton from preschool the other day, I had noticed that he had done SUCH a good job cutting!  His cutting has improved so much this past month!  His teacher told me that she had told him that he needed to slow down while cutting.  Keaton told her "Oh yeah, ok I can't cut like my Daddy drives, I have to cut slow.  My daddy speeds!"  We got a good laugh out if it and I had to tell her why he said that.  The night before on the way home from gospel meeting someone was going really slow.  Daddy passed them and of course had to speed up to the speed limit!  Keaton noticed the change of speed... therefore his Daddy must speed!  Can't get away with much in this house anymore!