Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Family Photos

We took these a bit ago and I am just now getting them up!  The family ones were done at Katherine Albertson Park and the individuals were taken at Lake Lowell.

The entire family!

I love the times when they love each other!

Keaton and his goofy Uncle Ryan.

I never want to forget these kisses.  He grabs my face and squeezes and pulls me in for a big kiss!  Melts my heart.

Quite fun and interesting... getting three kids and one puppy to all look at the camera and smile!!  We have come to the conclusion that Izzy and Camden are at the same stage right now... our puppy is like a two year old!  Mind you a VERY cute one!

Love this one!

What a cute five year old!

I can't decide between this one...

and this one!?

Oh so cute!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The latest projects

And here is the latest project!!  The pattern is Portabellopixie's Gracie dress.  I had read that the construction of the dress was not well written and people didn't like it... so I threw the instructions out the window.  I constructed it similar to the way the Oliver + S bubble dress bodice is constructed.  No hand sewing and no bias tape.  Next time I will take photos and post them just in case there is anyone out there that reads this blog and has this pattern.  I almost took photos this time but I wasn't really sure if it would work how I had constructed this in my head.  I dreamed about this and thought about it more than I care to admit but it was worth it because it went together easily!  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby actually... it is a fine wale corduroy.  One more mistake in the pattern is that it doesn't have you cut four of the bottom tier of the dress... after I discovered that I needed two more pieces I decided to go ahead with the hem band instead of a ruffle.  I am really glad that I did, I think that I prefer it this way anyways!  The ruffle pants are from the same Portabellopixie pattern as before.  She loves this outfit and it looks so comfy and warm.  Oh and just for my records, it is a size 4 with a size 8 length.

 This shirt I made quite a while ago for Keaton but forgot to take photos of him in it.  I did the painting this time more by hand with shading so it didn't have a solid white look.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More sewing!

And my favorite dress as of late...  Sandi Henderson's Knot dress (Claire Pattern).  VERY VERY easy... the only reason it took me a while to get done was that I only followed the pattern for the bodice... the rest I made up myself and added a bunch of extras to it.  This is out of the Sandi Henderson Secret Garden fabric (with some Moda thrown in too).  I LOVE this fabric and discovered that it matches our (very hard to match) khaki green couches.  There will be a blanket and some pillow covers coming sometime in the near future!  I made the skirt out of four different fabrics instead of the recommended two and then added a ruffle on the bottom and a few ruffles on one of the panels.  I need to take a few detail photos of this dress but for now, these will do.

 The color on these next few photos is off but it was raining on the day that she wore this outfit last week.  Oh well... the pants are from the Sandi Henderson ruffle pants pattern and I LOVE them.  The size four with extra length fits her ADORABLE!  The pants go with the jumper but I think I like it way better on their own since she has a top that matches perfectly.

The background color of this main print is the same color as our couches.  It will make some fun summery pillows and I have been dying to make a blanket like this one or this one.

I love the ruffle pants so much that I whipped up another pair that I will take photos of tonight.  There may be a third pair in the works for preschool!  I want to try some out of denim and maybe a khaki pair when her khaki pants that she has now get too small.