Monday, January 13, 2014

Special Meeting

We had a wonderful Special Meeting!  It really is nice that the kids are old enough that we get all of the meetings!!
Handsome Boys!

Us Girls!

I made little Missy's skirt!  I fell in love with that fabric and knew exactly what I wanted to make!

And of course a flower to match!

I made a coordinating one for Miss Brynlee and boy oh boy did they look cute together!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Family Photos!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Break

We started out the break by visiting Grandpa and Grandma!  Poor Grandpa got into the middle of a wrestling match in the middle of the kitchen floor.... he may or may not have started it!
From there we headed up to New Meadows!
I told Camden to pack some toys in his backpack... he did a good packing job... he could hardly lift it by the time he was done!
One of the first things that they did was play in the snow of course!!

SO pretty!

It was a fun, loud and crazy time with the entire family there!  We got lots of cuddle time with this little sweety!

Any time that Daddy and Mommy hug Keaton is INSTANTLY in the middle declaring "group hug!"

Christmas evening the kids got to open presents... well we all did once Nana and Papa got in from Hawaii!

Brynlee never had a lack of attention.  There was always someone to cart her around or play with her!  She LOVES her cousins and of course all my kids absolutely adore her!

All in Mommy made clothes!!!!
There was lots and lots of playing in the snow.  Every day after lunch they went out for a few hours, by the time they came in they took GREAT naps!

Daddy helped them go REALLY fast!

The most fun was had in the dismount/crash!

Oh how I love this photo!  All the Uncles doing what they love to do... play with legos... with my boys!

Oh yes and of course at some point everyone piles on Papa... and Chip who happened to be sitting next time him!

Then one morning Keaton woke up with a nice black eye!  He has NO CLUE how it happened!
Digging forts in the snow!!

Never get into a snowball fight with Daddy... when he has the snow shovel!

Our tiny little snowman.  The snow was no good for making a big one but Daddy made this nice little one!

Keaton discovered how much fun it was to take a flying leap off of the snow banks!

Our nice big snow fort!  We can't wait to go back up and add onto it!
Last night Keaton lost his first TOP tooth!