Saturday, June 28, 2008

Water Park

This afternoon we filled up his pool and put it at the bottom of his slide!
Love the expression.

He stopped and posed for this one and then had to come check in out on the back of the camera.

In the process he learned a new word while trying to climb UP the slide. "Pippy" Slippery... as he came crashing down the slide into the water... only to do it again... and again...
Discovering new ways to enter the playhouse, the door is too easy.
And last but not least our beautiful little girl. These eyes are DEFINITELY going to be blue!

Keaton's newly discovered trick!
The best invention and money spent ever... hands down.
She LOVES her swing and will only nap while in it or while held. Needless to say she naps here most often so that I can have my hands free.

Birthday Party

We went to Aunna's 2nd birthday today! Keaton had a ball playing outside with all of the other kids.
Isaiah and Todesa.

Aunna and her cute pinata.
Keaton taking a swing... he didn't want to give up the bat!

Getting so big... hanging out with his good buddy Brittyn.
Keaton was supposed to be running in a race but got side tracked and just starting running off. The older kids tried to get him back on the course.
We could not believe that he could make it up this ladder by himself.

All the kids besides Isaiah who was sleeping.
The best use of squirt guns is to drink out of them... although not real satisfying.
Hmmmm how does this thing actually work?
Oops that's how! He never did try to squirt anyone else but just ran around getting himself in the face and loving every minute of it.
Sissy hanging out in the stroller.
3 tuckered out little kids.
Getting an improvised ride on the stroller on the way to the car.
Needless to say with all of that playing you would have thought that it would be followed by a great nap... and no not the case. He was actually happy on a 20 minute cat nap in the car! Let's just hope he doesn't make that a habit for Mommy's sake. On a positive note Tiana is sleeping through the night!!! She started on Wednesday night sleeping from about 10 to 8 or 9 in the morning. We know this may not be a consistent thing but hey we are enjoying it while it lasts!!

Family Fun

We fed the ducks this past week so that we could all get out of the house for a bit. Turned out Keaton didn't really care about feeding them so much as just chasing the poor things!
Hanging out on Daddy.
Sissy was getting her first airplane ride and kept drooling on Daddy so Keaton was the ever helpful big brother wiping off her mouth. Which would have been great if he stopped there but no... he proceeded in wiping Daddy and Mommy's faces with Sissy's slobber!
Who knew this toy would entertain a 20 month old!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Overdue Update

After getting the kids somewhat feeling better the Mom had to get sick! And if you keep up on my Photography site you can see that things have been quite busy around here, and will continue through next week.
Bright eyed little girl.

This kind-of shows Keaton's amazing eyelashes... they are SO thick and long.

We filled up Keaton's pool for him from last year. It is quite small for him but he loves running through it.
Sunday afternoon he went outside to help Daddy grill lunch. Needless to say we forgot that his pool still had water in it so he decided to dive in fully clothed!
Getting a little drink.
Sun bathing.
He also helped Daddy wash the car.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiana Cooing

She let out her first little squeals yesterday while cooing at us.

Tiana cooing
Video sent by tiana's mom

Landon and Lillie

Landon and Lillie and Davina came home with us after convention! The kids had so much fun playing together. Lillie and Keaton are only a month apart in age with only 36 Months between Landon and Tiana! Needless to say they are great friends. Keaton remembered them from when we saw them in January. For more photos of our two adorable friends see
Jumping off the end of the slide.
Seriously Mom we have to stop playing for a PICTURE!
Think we can fit one more little body?Sissy has her first little cold so it was so nice having an extra set of hands for the day. Even though there were two added kids they play so well together you wouldn't even know it..... except for the tornado that hit the living room and spit out all of the toys it could possibly find.

While Lillie was playing with Tiana the boys were....playing outside in the sprinkler.
Landon: "I will go if you go with me"
Keaton: This isn't so bad....
in fact I think that I could just pick it up and chase you with it!

Now maybe I will come after the photographer!
There was LOTS of squealing and laughing going on in the backyard.
Hmmmm, maybe I will take a drink.

Where did the water go? The Mom decided to spice things up and kink the hose for a minute! They were very confused!

Maybe I will just try sitting on it!
Time for a different type of sprinkler.
Notice now they are in different clothes. They decided they were done and would come inside..... well this lasted about an hour and they were back out again getting wet.
Such good helpers... watering the flowers.
Maybe if we water this little ball it will grow bigger for us.
The kids had such a wonderful time together. Keaton cried and cried when they had to leave this morning.
One last cuddle with the baby.

Hopefully we will get to see them again sometime in the near future. The kids enjoy playtime and the mom's enjoy the company of adult conversation.