Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Every new season I make a stack of shirts for the boys!!  The boys chose their designs and I must say that they have pretty good taste!
Camden's shirts!  

Keaton's and one for Miss Tiana!

Lego Party for my 7 Year Old!!

Mr. Keaton turned 7!!  I can't believe I have a seven year old!!  Keaton has grown up so much this past year, he still loves to be active but now he likes it to be organized.  He doesn't really like to rough house, he would rather play a game of football or basketball.  He is reading like a champ and loves school.  We just went to conferences and he is doing GREAT.  Reading at grade level and his math is above grade level.  He is quiet at school but has many friends.  When he gets home he loves his alone time while his brother and sister nap.  Keaton is such a sweetheart and is SO very loving.  Whenever I give Daddy a hug he runs over making it a group hug!  He has just started to let us know what he likes and dislikes.  He is very picky about clothes and especially shoes and he recently asked if I could not cut his hair quite yet... he likes it at its longer stage when it gets curly!  Happy Birthday to my loving, handsome not-so-little boy!!
He chose to have a lego party, which was lots of fun!

Lego candy and marshmallow pops!

Coloring books and crayon party favors!

I drew faces on all of the plates!!

Lego silverware holder!

He opened our presents and the one from Nana and Papa on his actual birthday.
Microscope and Telescope!!

Remote control car from us!!

As well as a few new games!  He loved everything!

House Building: Trusses!!

We got trusses delivered!!  I need to take a few more photos since it has changed so much already!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House Building: Framing

I suppose it is time to post an update on our house!!
Basement walls!!  Playroom looking toward Keaton's room.

Standing in the playroom looking toward Tiana's room and the craftroom on the far left.
Footings for our front porch!!

Izzy checking out the progress.

Basement windows!

Dining room on the right and the mudroom on the left with the door out to the garage on the far left.

Master bedroom and bath.

Front Door!!  Powder room is to the right and the study is on the left.

Right to left is Camden's room, jack and jill bath and then guestroom. 

You think sweeping will be this fun after the house is done!?!

Great-room is in the middle with the dining and master on either side.

Front of the house looking toward the highway.  Front door is found behind the white trailer.

Great-room windows!!