Sunday, May 31, 2009

32 weeks

A little over 7 months pregnant and here we are! I really haven't have many symptoms at all yet so that's a good thing. We just can't believe I only have 8 weeks left. He is still very active and Keaton gets to feel him quite often. This last week he felt him kick and then informed me that "______(the baby) wants out". Not quite yet but soon enough.
This week was a rather uneventful one. We thought that Tiana was teething again because of her runny nose and crankiness but she passed that on to me..... so evidently..... she has a cold!! Just hope it will finish going through the family before convention in a couple weeks!
Daddy hung up our new family photo and Tiana had to drag over her little chair and climb up just like Daddy. All weekend we heard her say over and over again "hi Daddy"! She was happy to have him home for a few days.
At the dinner table tonight we were talking about how blue the kids' eyes are and how Daddy's are green and Mommy's are brown. We asked Keaton what color he thought his baby brother's eyes would be. He responded quite emphatically, with no hesitation, that they would be orange! No questions about it...... we will see about that one!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Let's backtrack a bit! We had a busy weekend with family since my youngest brother Ryan graduated. Friday we went over for his graduation open house. Keaton wore out Abby the dog.... or was it the other way around?
And Tiana picked every flower that she could reach.
Saturday was graduation so we headed over in the morning to spend a little bit of time with Grammy and Poppy. Keaton supervised the building of the road.
Tiana got a little catnap on the way into graduation.
After graduation with Uncle Ryan. By this point we had very hot and tired kids!
Thanks to graduation Keaton now says that basketball is boring! He had us quite confused until we realized that since graduation was in the gym and was really boring he thought that he must have been at a basketball game but it was very boring!!! Daddy will do everything to reverse that line of thinking.
Last night we headed BACK out that direction for my Aunt Audrey's Birthday. All of her kids (my cousins) and their kids were in town so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Great's to visit. Keaton had a blast playing with my cousin's girls.
The got rid of all of the extra balloons when they discovered that they worked quite well to play with! Keaton was all boy, popping any balloon that happened to be in his vicinity.
While that was going on, to keep Sissy at a safe distance, we took her on a walk around Grandma Great's flowers which of course made her quite happy!

This is a face we see ALL the time now when anything is interesting to her... usually flowers.... as she says "ooooooohh".
Just a bit of her goofiness showing through.

Grandma Great supervising the great grandkids in the tree. Keaton sure looks related to these girls with the same color of hair and skin!

And of course swinging FROM the tree isn't enough, he has to be in it too!
Giving hugs. These two just had a blast together and we can't wait until they visit again! Again notice the hair color... this is the reason we don't get any questions from anyone that knows this side of the family where he got his hair!!!
Trying to get the horses to come say hello... they took one look at all the kids and stayed their distance!

Even though it was way past their bedtime we still had to drag both kids away last night because they were having SO much fun! It is so nice to spend some time with other kids.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New dress

And here is what I have to show for my Friday! I have had this dress cut out for Tiana for a while now and finally had a chance to sit down and make it! I love the way it turned out and it is so cute to see her wearing something so long.... doesn't happen on her very often because she is so tall. This combination of fabrics is one of my new favorites.
Little hair thing to match using a vintage button in the middle.

I realized last night that Keaton had a shirt that matched perfectly so of course we had to snap a couple of photos this morning before meeting.
Making fish lips.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Mark and Kyla were here most of the week this week so they got to spend some time with the kids. It was great, I got a break, they got kid time and the kids just had a blast!
Uncle Mark showing the kids how it is supposed to be done.
Tiana trying it out..... she liked it as long as someone was holding her hand.
And of course we had to have a sprinkler!
I think we need a bigger pool.
Trying out the sprinkler.
This afternoon we took them outside again and turned on the water! This is going to be an everyday event this summer I have a feeling. The kids both just love it.
Admiring our flowers.... those are the little flowers that she likes to pick! Just love the profile shot!!!
This is how she enjoys the sprinkler. At the edge, with her back to it!

The little pool just didn't cut it with both kids so we got out our big one and just didn't blow up all of the rings so they could still get in and out. This worked PERFECT. Keaton was supposed to be filling up the pool but decided that Sissy needed watered too! Thank goodness she is tolerant of her big brother.

Splash splash splashing!
Discovering that he could kick water and get Daddy wet!!
We looked over to see Tiana just relaxing by the fence. Keaton decided that looked like the thing to do also.

SUPPOSED to be getting my FEET wet..... got a little carried away I would say!
Water fight!
Warming up.
Sharing Popsicles before nap time.

Looking forward to many more days like this during the summer. I got a dress sewn for Tiana and enjoyed the afternoon outside with my family... PERFECT.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mark and Kyla

I got to take some photos of Mark and Kyla while they have been here visiting...
for lots more of this cute couple see my photo website.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tiana 1 Year

Finally here are Tiana's One year photos as well as a few for Keaton's 2 and a half. We did them over a week ago but I have been so busy editing all my client's photos I haven't had a chance to do ours!

Love this one looking at the fish!
Well we found a way to get Keaton to do photos willingly..... let him stand in the water. Don't worry Daddy was VERY close by in case he slipped.

Thanks so much to Nana and Papa who helped us get these family photos again.... it is HARD work getting both kids to smile.