Thursday, February 25, 2016

Briella's Newborn Photos

My Mom knitted this ADORABLE set for her newborn photos!!! It is pure perfection!

My favorite photo!

Love this one too!

Love those little rolls!


I have a weakness when it comes to baby feet!

Briella: Week 1

Briella's first week!  She was a great little eater and slept all the time.  Anywhere we laid her down she zonked! She woke up 1-2 times per night... usually around 3 and 6 and a lot of times she skipped the 6 o'clock wake up! She was very alert and when she was calm and awake she would really focus on us. It is hard to believe but she started smiling about once a day at us in the first week.  It was in response to our voice! Seriously! Once Nana got there she was talking to her and then she handed Briella to me and Briella immediately smiled as soon as I started talking.  Granted the stars had to alight but it did happen about once a day! When she got the hiccups it sounded like she was a little frog ribbiting! The first couple weeks were stress filled as we had to wait for paternity testing to come back... but we did our best to fill our time and keep busy!  It was soooo very nice to be able to stay with family and have a home away from home.  It would have been so much more stressful during the entire time to be stuck in a hotel knowing nobody!  As it was, we were able to stay with Keaton's birth Grandparents in an area that is very familiar and that we love!
 I made this little hat for her and she wore it all the time!!
First night at "home".
 Friday we had to go do her paternity testing.  There was some confusion as to who the birth father was.  One of the guys signed right away and the other guy wanted to but his mother wouldn't let him! So YES very stressful!!!! We would be doing OK emotionally and then it would hit us! 
She loved to sleep with her hands thrown up!

Mugshot for paternity... she smiled! 

You could really see her birthmark when she was tiny.  It would get bright red if she got upset and when she ate. Then other times it would be fainter.

We invaded and set up shop! Even Daddy changes diapers in this family!

Smiles! She blinked but it is still so sweet!
Saturday was supposed to be 75 degrees so we went into Missoula to walk along the river! 3 days old and out and about... welcome to the way it is when adopting!

We love this whole area of Montana!  So Gorgeous!!! 

 The other kids were at home with Nana and Papa so we had to take some funny photos to send them! They were missing us... and Briella really bad!

Heather didn't think that she could hold a baby because her fingers are crooked! SO we convinced her that she could!  Heather loved it! She didn't last for very long at a time but she made sure that she held her every day! She also kept track of how many bottles she ate as well as how many diapers she had!  She also checked the formula daily to make sure that we weren't running out! :)

 We soaked up these baby cuddles! We were missing the kids too but it was nice to have this time to really focus on Briella!

Saturday night we gave her a little sponge bath to get really for meeting! 

First Sunday Morning Meeting! I used the FREE Made by Rae Itty Bitty Baby dress (click here) only I made it in knit! I despise ironing and I am all for comfort on a tiny one!  It worked perfectly!!! 

BIG yawn!

Awe, I love those smiles!

After meeting Darcy and Avery came over to meet their new cousin.  It was SOOO cute... Avery came up to me and said "Is she going to be my cousin too?"!  I told her of COURSE she is her cousin... Keaton, Tiana and Camden are her cousins and Briella is their sister so therefore she is her cousin as well!  This made her day! Briella got lots of love from these three! I will add photos of the other kids later.... for some reason I didn't get photos of all of the kids but I will get some!!

Having a chat with Daddy!

We remember Keaton all bundled up sleeping on this exact spot while we ate dinner!

One of my favorite photos!! She has always been a super calm baby!

She loves holding on to a finger while she eats!

Tuesday was a busy day!  Briella had an appointment with the doctor to check her weight. She was 8 pounds even and 20.25 inches long! She was already past birth weight!  After the appointment we went up to Kalispell to meet up with Briella's birth grandparents and aunt and uncle!  It was a very special meal!

Eek... another favorite photo of mine!

Wednesday was Newborn photo time!!! She was a bit of a pill and decided not to sleep very deep! Thank goodness I was the photographer and had ALL day!
First Wednesday night meeting and ONE week old!