Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bruneau Sand Dunes

Yesterday we drove out to Bruneau sand dunes for a day in the sun and sand.  The kids had a blast. Camden and Tiana would just sit and dig in the sand while Keaton ran up and down the dunes!
Heading up the dune.

Tiana's asthma has been bothering her a bit so the climb was hard for her but she did it... with her sunglasses on of course!

Dancing in the sand!

Camden wanted to be right where everyone else was, understandable but a little nerve wracking to have him take off down the dune!

Daddy and Keaton race!

Tiana tried too and had fun but couldn't make it back up to the top!

Which of course made Keaton want a ride too.

Look no hands!

Hiking to the top of the BIG one!

This is when Keaton discovered the joy of sliding/jumping/rolling down the dune!

Camden thought that looked fun so he was going to try his hardest to go up too!  He didn't get very far.

Hi from the top!

Jumping down!

I gave Camden a piggy back ride up part way so that he could slide down.

Running down the rest of the way!

Daddy had to take him up to slide again.

One last run down before we had to get going!

We had a wonderful time once again.  What is great about the kids being close in age is even when we go somewhere with no one else, they have each other.  They fell asleep soon after we got them cleaned up and in the car!