Friday, March 27, 2009

All about the kids

Tiana finds a play phone and immediately says hi!
On a learning note.... last night I looked over to see Keaton trying to help Tiana walk. This is something that he isn't supposed to do so I reminded him and he, of course, very toddler boy-like, just let go of her. She proceeded in standing there (no surprise, she has been doing this a lot) then taking 3 steps all by herself!! She then panicked and got down. Since then though she loves to practice walking, usually only settling down to take one step, sometimes two. At least she finds it fun to practice though.
Who let this monkey escape!?!?! This is regular attire around our household, for him that is. Usually don't let him go outside though without pants and shoes on! We are potty training again. He is doing good about 75% of the time which is progress. Some days he does great ALL day while others not so good. Grandparents get to take over for a week while we are gone so we hope it goes good.

Today is a kid day..... all about what the kids want to do. Of course the first thing Keaton says is "It's sunny, nice and warm" so he wants to go the the park! So here we are again.

The bigger the slide the better for this little boy.
And he still insists on climbing UP them!
Riding with mommy on the swing.
Giving those great big hugs that she is getting so good at.
One more slide before nap time.