Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tiana 10 Months

I know every month I say this but I can’t believe that our little girl is already 10 months old! It just sounds too close to one year to be real! It took me a while to get her photos done this time because I kept thinking…. Well we will wait until that scratch is gone…. We will just have to wait until that bruise is gone… needless to say we are just at that stage. So I finally just did her photos and retouched the little bumps and bruises!! She is crawling everywhere now and pulling up on everything. She is also getting quite daring with letting go and trying out her balance which unfortunately has ended up with many a tumble, resulting in little bumps all over her little head! She is getting a little bit more tough as each day goes by. She still likes those comforting little hugs each time before she goes off to try her balance some more! The goofy little girl will also crawl right up to something until her head bumps into wherever she wants to stand up on before attempting to stand… this doesn’t help the bumps. She sure does enjoy crawling around after us and exploring though. She has just discovered that she can reach her little hands up high on something to feel around and see what is there…. For example the keyboard and mouse on the computer…. Making this email quite interesting.
She has only grown about a ¼ of an inch this month and has gained no weight which isn’t surprising when you see how much she moves around. Her appetite has grown quite a bit and she officially out eats Keaton on every meal! J That’s our girl! She is way ahead of the game on signing. She has already this month learned how to sign “all done” “more” “sleepy” and “milk”. We are really working on please as the next sign but it is a rather abstract concept for a 10 month old. She also will wave “bye-bye” “hi” and blow kisses (when she feels like it). She has learned to be quite the little drama queen and can throw a fit with the best of them. Hate to say it but it really is quite funny! We have to try really hard not to just laugh at her because it looks so pathetic and fake! For the most part though we just have a really happy girl. Keaton and Tiana really have been enjoying playing together this month and a favorite game is chase which she thinks is just so funny. Her hair is growing long enough that we have to actually do something with it now for it to look like it isn’t just bed head! Not quite thick enough for a clip but it is curly and can be combed to the side a bit to stay out of the way. One first this month was playing outside. We have had a couple nice days to play outside and she just loves it. She doesn’t seem to mind the grass and all and loves crawling all around the backyard exploring.
Before we know it we will be planning a birthday party for this little girl. This next month will be just more mobility and exploring!

She is such a beautiful little joy.


Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

These are so cute! I can't believe she is already 10 months old, either! Hope you are all doing well!

Cassandra said...

very beautiful indeed!