Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our weekend

This past weekend we enjoyed:
These big blue eyes.
Funny predicaments that our children got themselves in. Of course Keaton had to maintain this very stuck situation long enough for us to go get the camera and come back to document it.
Goofy moments with hats!
Special moments with Chris and Jay! Keaton's new comment is anytime he is on top of anything he yells "On topada world". Chris made the mistake of putting him "on top of the world" the very first night and was pestered the entire 3 days to please put him back on top of the world!
Another thing that he has been saying is "No thanks, I'm fine" when asked if he wants something and even occasionally when asked to do something! It is cute what little sayings they pick up that must be from something that we say. The grace "All things living" he calls "cake" have NO idea why but he will ALWAYS refer to that grace as "cake". He now knows every single word of "Day by Day" most of the words to "For this Food" and "All things living". We will have to sneak in a video one of these days as he belts it out at the dinner table.
Last night he found a bear that he was pretending was a baby. He came in and said "yucky, need to change a diaper" and was putting it to sleep. I then pulled out a baby doll that Tiana had and an old bottle and Keaton has been very entertained feeding and caring for his babies. He even asks me to "hold a baby please" when he needs to do something else! He is getting some practice in to be an awesome help for the new baby. Hopefully he learns that he has to be a little bit more careful with the real baby and can't carry it around by the hair!