Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Cruise

First Day on the ship in San Juan.

Our first day was at sea, so we were able to catch up and relax.
The first formal night.

The worker that picked us up from the ship and showed us around the island and cooked us lunch!

We got to see the sunset off the balcony of our room on the ship as we sailed away almost every night.

St. Lucia.
That is our ship across the harbor.
23 1/2 weeks! Just now starting to show a little bit! About time since I am over 5 months along!
Antigua: Our second favorite island.


And our favorite island.... St. John. We were there with Keaton when he was 8 months old and it is still our favorite place.
You just can't beat a view like this!

Needless to say we are SO happy to be home but we had a wonderful time on some beautiful islands. The kids did WONDERFUL but where VERY glad to have us home. Thanks so very much to Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa who took care of the kids and spoiled them while we got a little vacation.


Cassandra said...

What gorgeous photos! You've got me itching for a beach and blue water...

Rachel said...

Hi Kyla!
Great pictures... looked like a fun vacation. When you said "you can't beat a view like this" I was wondering if you were talking about the picture above or below :) No... the beach was beautiful :)
Hope you're all doing good.
Love, Rachel Lutynski