Sunday, March 1, 2009

Silly Kids

We got TONS done this weekend. Daddy had Friday off so we did a BUNCH of spring cleaning around here. Saturday the garage got cleaned and I got lots of sewing done! I finished a few projects that have been sitting there waiting to be sewn since before we got pregnant and I made Tiana a tutu for her 10 month photos this week. Here is Keaton modeling! He said that he wanted a tutu so I put it on him to see if it would fit older kids too...... well it does! He doesn't realize that this is going to be a serious blackmail photo here in a few years.
The kids got to take a fun bath in Mommy and Daddy's big bathtub tonight as a treat.
Keaton actually posing and saying cheese!!!

I felt the baby move ALL day today so hopefully it will be this active on Friday for our ultrasound!!


CUB & DEB said...

Bug doesn't look very "girly" in the tutu....must be the football pjs!!!!!