Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ultrasound Photos

Here are some amazing photos for you to see! The tech turned the ultrasound to 3D at the very end to get a few photos for us which was really cool. Here are two photos of his little profile and face.
This one you can see his little arm and hand up on the side of his face. It was like that the entire ultrasound.
I just love this little profile and body shot. He was winding up to give me a big kick! His legs are on the left side with his little fist up by his face.
Here is his little face. It is hard to read my labels but from top to bottom are the eyes, nose then lips pointed out if you have trouble seeing it! I also labeled his little heart.
This is the bottom of his feet and his other leg.
All boy quite obviously.
Here is one of his legs all stretched out which his foot by the X and his leg all along the line.
Such a cute little profile.
His spine.
I haven't had a chance to see if I can get the DVD broken up and uploaded or not but I will try to look at that pretty soon. I have had a headache today so we are taking it easy and doing a little sewing!


Cassandra said...

oh how I wish we could have come to visit today, but you would not have wanted my germiness anywhere near your sweet family, I promise! Next weekend, then? I'm so glad you got your good photos out of this ultrasound! Congrats on another blue baby!