Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound

Sorry for those of you who have been waiting for these! We had the workers this past weekend so I didn't have access to the computer to get these scanned in. We were not able to find out what we were having... or I should say we found out we could be having a boy..... which is no big surprise we knew that it was a 50/50 chance going into it! An emergency came in right before us so by the time they got to our ultrasound it was closing time and they were in quite a hurry. The baby was active at the beginning but she was so busy taking measurements that she didn't look at what we were having. She mentioned at one point that she thought it was a boy but as soon as we started getting excited talking boy things she backtracked and said that she didn't know so not to plan on it being a boy. Needless to say by the time she took a moment to look, our little one was SOUND asleep curled into a fetal position NOT moving. I wanted to try to wake it up and move it but the ultrasound tech said "Well we are done" and that was that! We didn't even get very many photos as you can tell. We have another appointment for a gender ultrasound that we are opting to do this Friday. We are going through an independent ultrasound place and they will keep doing ultrasounds until we find out. They guarantee it so we will only have to pay once. PLUS we get a DVD of the ultrasound as well of a cd of photos! We are VERY excited to be able to actually get a fun ultrasound since our first one was rushed. On a positive note all the measurements looked perfect so we have a healthy little one! The heartbeat was 160 during the ultrasound and 150 during our appointment on Monday. The baby is VERY active now and I can feel it pretty much most all of the day.
This is the position that it wouldn't move from.
This was the best profile that she got which as you can tell is not the best!
We had heard that in the next few weeks you can actually start hearing the heartbeat from the outside by putting your ear to my stomach. Benji tried last night and while he didn't hear the heartbeat yet he could hear it moving around and it kept giving him a swift kick in the head! It was so funny! We are excited for Friday's ultrasound.


DynaMoes said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! We've been anxiously waiting to see them! I hope it works for Benji to hear the heartbeat like that...we've never gotten it to work that way. There is a really neat thing you can get at Target to hear the heartbeat...we've had a lot of fun with that. Can't wait to see if it'll be pink or blue!