Monday, March 2, 2009

New summer jumper

Here is Tiana's new dress for this summer. I have had this cut out for months but got around to sewing it on Saturday evening. I hand-stitched the hem last night and here it is! Now I can't wait to get onto some more outfits!


KatieB said...


That's adorable! I love the colors.


Cassandra said...

Oh so gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on her!

Janelle said...

Hi! It's me, the blog hopper again coming to see what other cute things you have made. Looks like I timed it just right, that jumper is adorable!! I actually bought that pattern and am going to make my little girl a summer jumper too. You inspired me! :)

Congrats on baby #3!!! That is so exciting! You look fantastic. You will have 2 great helpers. :)