Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Maybe.... just maybe.... our boy is over his camera phobia!?!?! Yesterday he kept asking me to take his picture... then he would SMILE!!! Amazing! Needless to say I have quite a few photos of him from yesterday.
This is the view I enjoy underfoot on most days while I am making lunch. Keaton knows that he can snack on Goldfish crackers and he has been wanting to share with his sister lately. We told him that the only way Sissy could have any was if he bit one in half and gave her the other half so she doesn't choke. He is such a good big brother and patiently gives her little bites, often forgetting to get himself some in between.

I bought some strawberries yesterday.... they are already gone! I had forgotten how much Keaton loves them. He ate so many last night that we had to go get some more today!
Our little boy is getting so big. I got him this ball to bounce on a while back and it seems like just a few weeks ago he was to little for it still. Well, needless to say, he has mastered bouncing! He loves bouncing all around the house on it and gets quite high.

These are mostly boring photos but Nana and Papa are in Aruba missing the kids so we are trying to keep them updated until they get home on Thursday!


Becky Gonce said...

So cute.. I love everyday photos.. tells more about their personality and what goes on..well...everyday!

CUB & DEB said...

Cute, reminds me of that picture of you and Derek on the kitchen floor.....about the same age....you giving him licks of a sucker cuz he was too little to have one on his own!!!