Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working on our Sun Tan

Well today didn't consist of much.  We were planning on renting a car today and exploring except there were NO cars to be found!  We have one reserved for Friday but we are hoping we can get one tomorrow. We have heard that you need a 4x4 to really be able to go to different beaches.  So after walking around to all the different car rental places we just decided to work on our sun tans!  We went to the market and got little bananas,an avacado and crackers to eat on the beach!
How many days left? 7!!

This is what you call a hot-dog!  He just kept laying in the water letting the waves wash over him!
As I was writing this we heard the dogs start barking here... we were told that the only time they bark is when Fred comes around (the resident monkey).  We looked out our door and sure enough there he was, on the roof RIGHT outside our door.  We got lots of photos and videos so we will start getting them ready to post for you to see!!!