Friday, February 7, 2014

House: Siding!

First though a few random photos!  Little miss Stella and Tiana, I am so glad that these two have each other among all the boy cousins!

Tiana and Camden's favorite lunch most every day is PB&J!!  Reason being, they love to be able to make it themselves! It is so cute and they take great satisfaction in doing it all by themselves!  They even clean up afterward!
 NOW... house update!  We now have all of the siding done!  We are at a standstill because of the weather.  It needs to heat up a bit so that we can put the roof on.  The electrical and plumbing is done so insulation and Sheetrock is next.... which can't be done until we have a roof!

The part that is white will be rock and the white part under the little windows will be closed shutters.

I love how the ceiling drops over the bar. Then inside the kitchen will have fake beams in a grid.