Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 3!

We have been trying to get a car for a few days now and this afternoon we FINALLY had success!!  We spent the morning laying around the pool waiting to call the rental car place at 2 to see if they had any cars returned!  We went out to lunch at Taco Verde... yummy fish and shrimp tacos!  You can sit in swings to eat!  So cool!

Walking back from lunch we noticed a big group of monkeys!!  There were at least 10 of them and quite a few were very small.  One was just venturing off his Moms back and she was helping it learn to climb, catching him when he would slip!  It was amazing!
This guy was sound asleep!
Hanging by his tail eating... that is how we do things around here!
There are 6 monkeys in this photo!!!  One is on his moms back.

One of the Mommy and babies crossing over the road.
Mommy and baby!
We then drove north to Flamingo beach where we spent a couple hours relaxing. This was a much prettier beach.

The splashes a little bit out were millions of tiny fish and bigger fish chasing them.

We found a muscle.

Birds feeding on the fish.

There were also guys all along the beach line fishing by hand.  We watched them the entire time and saw them catch quite a bit!  On the way out we saw one had caught a Crevalle that was about 3 feet long!