Monday, February 24, 2014

A very special Sunday

We had an amazing privilege on Sunday to meet with the workers here as well as the little meeting in Liberia.  Claudio and Tina have the meeting in their home and there are 10 that attend.  There were 10 visitors this time so the meeting was quite large.  Claudio interpreted very well for all of us.  There was a family here from New York as well as the Nelson's that we have known for a long time! Claudio and Tina invited us all to stay for lunch and we had a wonderful meal!
Another photo of these Costa Rican Raccoons.  I wouldn't want to cross one of these, they have HUGE teeth and we heard a few fighting tonight.... YIKES!

Claudio and Tina's front yard.

Tina in the front with the workers Brenda and her companion Eldi behind.

Mario making a volcano!

Claudio and Tina.

All of the kids that were there!

Claudio, Tina, the workers and their kids.  Claudio Jr (15) and Mario and Melidia (9).

All of us that stayed for lunch.  It was a very special time that we will never forget!

On the way home We got to show Nana and Papa monkeys for the first time!  Papa got them to howl at him, he also got the turkeys and dogs going too!
Papa, just another monkey!

Guess how many more days left now?  2!!!!