Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello from Costa Rica!

We made it down to Tamarindo late last night!  We could have been anywhere since it was dark but the warmth felt wonderful!  We are staying in a tiny little bed and breakfast boutique hotel that is awesome.  It is new and only has 6 rooms.  The owners are american so that really helps to be able to get recommendations.  We will post every day so that the kids can see what we are up to!  We spent the day exploring town and laying by the pool.  It is really hot but there is a wonderful wind that makes it very nice.  It isn't near as lush jungle as we expected here!
This cracks me up, this is at a Y in the road.... better know what you are looking for or be able to read REALLY fast to know where to go!

Mommy being very goofy while Daddy takes forever trying to figure out the camera!

Much better!

LOOK we are only 7 KM from Hawaii! 

Look Missy Tiana, there are LOTS of shells!!!

As promised here is our count down for the day! 8 more days until we are home!

Very dry and desert here but there is a HUGE beach!
We are off to dinner, we heard there are sometimes monkeys that hang out in the trees by this restaurant!  We will take pictures if we see any!!  Love you kids!!!